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  • I'm not very skilled at drawing on computers, and I can't just use the in-program drawing tool in C2, so I'm wondering if anybody knows good drawing tools.

    I already have Gimp and Paint.NET and Paint, but I'm not really good at those.

    Does Spriter come with a drawing tool also?

    I really need this for a game I'm making.


  • Please help

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  • I too lack in the artistic front (developer art!).

    What I tend to use for graphics is Anime Studio Debut (Vector art and skeletal animations) and/or Inkscape (Vector art). Inkscape is free to use, but Anime Studio is better imo.

  • I have Anime Studio pro ten but it was installed on my now broken computer and I lost the key

    I have inkscape, but I cant really imagine it doing the type of graphics I need for the game I'm currently making.

  • What about checking out the official websites for the tools you mention to check out informations about them ?

    Spriter is just an animation tool in which you import graphics you made in another (dedicated to drawing) software.

    Inkscape, when well used, allows you to make great graphics.

    But as everything, it is just a tool and the most limiting aspect of any tool is its user and its capacities.

    Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.Net, Graphic Gale, Manga studio, and even the Paint from windows OS all those are good art programs you need to learn to use and practice with.

    And if you're really not good at making graphics, in the end, consider checking out some libraries like

  • Thanks !

  • One other alternative is 3D modelling, which you can render as 2D. I cannot draw at all, but I have found I can model relatively simple things, and the 3D software takes care of the shadows and such like.

    What sort of game are you currently making ?

  • I'm making a "bullet hell game" It should have 2d but not pixel-y or low quality graphics, but not entirely 3d.

    An example of the graphics is a game called

    add an http:// to the front, cause I deleted that so I could post the link.

    nevermind, it works as a link.

    I've been thinking of making the characters out of painted cardboard that was painted on for the colors and take a picture of it with a white background, then remove the white background with paint.NET

    but overall it might make the graphics look a bit too wierd, but if you think this is actually a good idea, please tell me.

    If I use OpenGameArt I wont feel happy with myself knowing I just took it off the web ;(

  • Please, instead of posting several posts in a row, consider using the pen icon in the top right of your message to edit your previous message.

    As for the art style you use, it only depends on the game you make. This is called graphic design and has to make sense with the game you are making, as well as looking good. It is a part of game design, and you can find topics on the subject in this forum as well on any web search engine.

    This is actually a different topic from the original topic of this thread.

    If you have some work in progress you want feedback on, consider posting a new topic for your game in the appropriate forum.

  • If you are not great at digital art, try using a vector application and break everything down into simple shapes. With vector art, you can easily move parts around and resize them without losing image quality. Maybe take a crash course on color theory too. If you use simple design, color becomes extremely important.

    Vector apps: Inkscape (Win,Mac,Linux), Illustrator (Win,Mac), CorelDraw, Flash (Win,Mac), DrawIt (Mac), iDraw (Mac), SK1 (Linux), Xara Xtreme (Mac, Linux), Stencil (Linux), Scribus (Win,Mac,Linux), ZeusDraw (Mac), Karbon14 (Linux), Synfig (Win,Mac.Linux), Adobe Draw (iOS), Adobe Ideas (iOS, Android), DoInk (iOS), Serif Draw Plus (Win),Canvas X 16 (Win), Intaglio (Mac), Ink Pad Pro (iOS).

  • I like to work in Bryce software from DAZ production, so you could try... could be good for textures...

  • [Aseprite] or [Chara Maker Pro] Is a good idea to draw PIXEL ART <3

  • There's also Pyxel Edit for doing pixel work.

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