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  • Hi, ok, I have read some news.

    I cannot believe that GM HTML5 will be released later in this month!! In fact, GM HTML5 entered the beta stage early in this month. Is the beta stage too short? I also cannot believe that GM Studio will be released in this year. This GM Studio allows users to make games for iOS, Android, PSP and HTML5. oh...perhaps YoYo and GM will become a giant in this industry soon. Unity3d is another giant in the industry.

    Other companies(Construct, MMF2, Torque2D, Game Editor, etc.) should not let GameMaker win so easily!!!!!!

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  • Win what?

  • GM had a head start in this "competition"

  • The only real thing going for them is Studio, since its a complete rewrite of GameMaker. That product is aim at professional developers and will not be affordable to the standard consumer.

    What interests me more is that they are rewriting all the builds next year, which includes standard, plus more features. That's when it will be much more ahead of Scirras' attempt at this market.

    Just hope Scirra hires more help in the future.... too much work for such a small operation to program features quickly and still keep up with the community demands...

  • Doesn't anyone find it odd that 1) GM is generally considered a scripting tool, in order to do anything useful, and 2) if you can code, why would you buy an expensive tool to code in when you can just code in javascript with many excellent free tools and libraries available?

    Not sure who's supposed to be going for that.

    Obviously C2 is a non-coding solution. Not only does that make it really useful for non-programmers making HTML5 stuff, but it also makes it very different to GM, so I don't think there's any need for anyone to panic.

  • I have seen some amazing games on gm using only the drag and drop feature.But gm is targeted at people that wants to learn more about programming.Is there any other app to Compare CS2 with which uses an event system?,I haven't seen one yet.

    Construct classic and Construct 2 are the easiest apps to work with.And i have tried almost all the other game making apps.Gm may be ahead of launching a html5 game making app ,But that just gives the devs at scirra more time to create a better app.

  • Nice advertisement. Does YoYo Games pay well?

  • It's ok Tokinsom, it's a legitimate newsworthy thing to post.

    Like Ash said, we think GM is flawed especially in regards to HTML5. If you are going to learn a scripting language to make HTML5 games - why not learn Javascript? We want to make Construct 2 mainly targeted to non programmers.

    It does seem that a lot of things are stirring and cogs are starting to move in YoYo games, will be interesting to see what happens. But our confidence in our product remains steadfast!

  • I think it's a reasonable assumption that Yo Yo have seen what is happening with 'other' HTML 5 products and have pushed hard to get something out of the door. Whether it's what people actually want or require is another matter entirely :/

  • ^^; Sorry I wasn't trying to be mean, just making a joke.

  • Ah ok sorry I didn't read it as a joke at first <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Game maker is bad. The whole interface looks like crap.

    I acctually tried the free version and I thought it could not compare with neither construct nor mmf.

  • worst comes to worst, and gamemaker eats up all the market (which i highly highly doubt), c2 will just destroy GM on the Direct-x OpenGl game creator side of things, just like CC has been doing for years even in an incomplete state.

  • Doesn't anyone find it odd that 1) GM is generally considered a scripting tool, in order to do anything useful, and 2) if you can code, why would you buy an expensive tool to code in when you can just code in javascript with many excellent free tools and libraries available?

    GameMaker HTML5 is really too expensive. However, if GM Studio is about USD400 with IOS, Android, MAC and Windows exporters. I think that this price is not expensive. Many game companies will be willing to buy and use GM Studio to develop games.

    A game company only need to develop a game once in GM Studio. Then four different versions for the four platforms of this game can be exported in the GM Studio. However, if this game company uses four different traditional programming tools to develop a game for these four platforms, a lot of time is needed. Using GM Studio will save a lot of development time. Time is money. Many game companies will really use GM Studio.

    Moreover, the syntax of Game Maker's scripting language is much much easier than an ordinary programming language, eg., Javascript, Actionscript, (from my experiences, I am not good at programming). A lot of game designers and game graphic designers of the game industry can also handle GameMaker's scripting language well. These people will also buy GM Studio to develop their commercial games for different platforms. They don't need to co-operate with game programmers to make games.

    Similarly, if Construct 2 will have IOS, Android, Mac, EXE exporters, many professional game designers and graphic designers of the game industry will also buy Construct 2 and use it to make commercial games!

  • Actually, you do sound like a marketing guy.

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