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    Gamedevelop's main programmer Florian has started an indiegogo funding campaign to improve the linux version and make an OSX version. ... /x/6848183

    The money from the funding will also be used to improve gamedevelop's tablet support and even add monetization features.

    Gamedevelop is very similar in design approach to construct2 and construct (with some pros and cons). It is a younger engine.

    However Gamedevelop is multiplatform and the development environment runs on Linux as well as windows - soon also on OSX. Natively! it is not bound by the directx libraries like construct2. The engine is completely free.

    If you like construct2, but you are a Linux or OSX user, please consider donating to the campaign. Florian has also expressed interest in open sourcing it if this campaign is successful!! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">


    First goal: Bring GD to MacOS and make Ubuntu a first class citizen for Game Develop

    Ubuntu and MacOS are both great platforms, but they currently lack such a nice game creation tool! Linux or MacOS enthusiats often complain about the lack of games for their platform: Game Develop will allow to build and play games on Ubuntu and MacOS.

    When the goal of this campaign is reached, we'll be able to spend more time on Game Develop (alas, we can't live on love alone, we need funds to work on GD!) and get a MacBook. This is required for porting GD to MacOS: with your help, MacOS users will have access to the first free and complete game creation tool for this system!

    We'll extensively develop and test GD on Ubuntu so that it will be fully cross platform and working flawlessly on Ubuntu, MacOS and Windows. With your donations, we will make MacOS and Ubuntu great platforms for creating 2D games!

    Note that contributors choosing a perk with a value of €20 (or more) will have access to beta versions, so that you'll be able to test the new MacOS version or the improvements made to the Ubuntu version very soon!

    First OS X beta versions should be delivered about two or three months after the fundraising goal is reached, and Ubuntu version will be improved even before.

    Second goal: Export games to iOS and Android

    Having a game that can be played on iOS and Android is a must for any game developer. The second goal of this campaign is to add a real export option allowing Game Develop to build games for these platforms!

    Reaching €3000 will allow us to do intensive tests on an iPad and spend extra time on Game Develop to make some much needed improvements to the game engine and add an export option so that games run smoothly on iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets.

    These platforms are growing at a fast pace, and specific features like games monetization will be created for them!

    With your help, Game Develop will be the first free software on MacOS, Windows and Ubuntu allowing anyone to create games for iOS and Android! Again, contributors will have access to beta versions and will be able to get better support for smartphones sooner!

    Third goal: New and improved features by hiring one or more developers

    When reaching more than €4000, we'll be able to hire full time developers to put more working hours in improving an extension or a specific feature, while we keep working on GD. Check the list of features that could be done below! Note that if you choose the "Ask for a specific feature" perk, you'll be able to pick which feature gets the most priority!

    Each additional €1000 will allow us to hire developers again for a new feature or to improve an existing one. This will accelerate a lot the development of Game Develop and ease the work of developers using Game Develop!

    Here are the features that will be developed:

    A new particle engine, for HTML5 games. For now, native games created with GD can use a particle engine to create visual effects, but games exported to the web can't. The new particle engine will be available for HTML5 games so that gamers will enjoy seeing realistic fires, explosions and other nice visual effects.

    Dynamic lights, for HTML5 games. Create and play to games with realistic shadows and lights! Also perfect to create dark ambiances, fog or games with limited line of sight.

    Port the extension to draw shapes on screen to HTML5 games. This feature is perfect for creating advanced effects like a laser gun.

    Sound object for HTML5 games. This object help adding sound effects on a scene. It will be adapted so that games exported for the web and mobile can use it!

    Editor improvement: dropdown lists and autocompletion to quickly fulfill parameters of conditions or actions

    New tutorials. We'll use our time to create new tutorials that will enable developers to master every aspect of Game Develop!

    New templates. There are already a lot of examples bundled with GD, but still we can create new one! They are a must have when creating a new game.

    New features being developed thanks to the funds raised during the campaign will be announced on the forum, the facebook page and twitter so that you'll be able to follow their development.

    And remember that you can choose to offer to some of these features a higher priority by choosing the "Ask for a feature" perk!

    And as a bonus! Registering Game Develop on Steam Greenlight

    Steam Greenlight is a nice way for the community to help promote which games or software should be added to the service.

    Alas, as a developer, there is a €99 fee required to register an application on Steam. €99 will be reserved to pay these fees and the community will then be able to see Game Develop on Steam Greenlight and vote for it so that it get permanently listed on the Steam store!

    This is an exciting way to make GD even more visible! The steam community will have access to a 100% free and complete game development tool. When GD is registered on Steam and when we reach €6000, we will also work on integration with Steam Workshop. Developers will be able to share their creations and custom content, such as sprites, sounds... in Steam Workshop and their projects to help the community with examples.

    Download gamedevelop and give it a spin , it runs on windows too.

    We need your feedback!

    cheers! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

    Actually Game Develop is much older then C2.

    Is this the competence?

    Is correct to create this post here?

    katzin: It's always been ok to discuss "competition" on Scirra's forums.

    Every tools have their own strengths and drawbacks and allowing discussions like those have always been considered a strength by Scirra boys, since they don't "fear" other tools like C2.

    They have always been confident they are making the best HTML5 game making tool, and so far they've been pretty much very right about it.

    I own a scirra license and must say that I think construct2 is a better engine, even though I started this thread.

    However I am also a linux user and would love to have similar to play with on the platform that I am using without emulators/wine.

    For this reason I funded them, even though some see them as "competition".

    Competition is a good thing though, if you think about it. It keeps them healthy and active. it's stimulating!

    Having said all that I did play with gamedevelop lately and really liked it. It has certainly matured a lot. 4ian is a very friendly guy too.

    I started a similar thread at multimedia fusion's forum and those guys are just petty. They deleted it the next day. They probably dont feel as confident as scirra

    Stuff like this must really be a test of character. As a result I think Scirra is a much more noble competitor. Clickteam makes good products, but they do have strange licensing pricing on their exporters and some cons in the engine when compared to c2. I think Construct2 will continue to kick their arse for a long time on the html5 front.

    Btw I did not know that is older than construct. Is that really true?

    It's older than C2, not sure about construct classic.

    From the campaign page: "I've created GD in 2008 and I've been maintaining and improving it since then."

    So, Construct Classic is older.

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    Those lighting effects are pretty sweet, decided to check it out and found about 5 nitpicky things about their Scene editor (as well as seeing

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    , made me think I could instantly preview directly from the scene, but I couldn't; only from web browser. Maybe I'm missing something?) and then I shied away from exploring it any more :/

    We don't mind discussion of competing tools on our forums, but promoting fundraising for a competing tool is kind of cheeky at best, similar to trying to promote a commercial alternative on our own forums. We've closed threads on the same basis before, so I think we have to be consistent and close this thread as well. I haven't deleted it though, so users can still see it was posted, but I don't think it's the best place to be coming to raise awareness of this.

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