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  • Hey chaps.

    Any of you taken a look at the GDC vault? A lot of the talks from past GDC events are recorded and placed on this site. There is a portion that is free and sponsored, but the good stuff is locked away, seemingly only for attendees.

    I have been looking at it for a while, REALLY want to see the talks on Uncharted, love the series, the director also directed my favourite series (Legacy of Kain), really really enjoy the detail they put into the game and like to hear the background info!

    I noticed recently that for the first time ever they were going to be opening the VAULT up for individuals to subscribe(why has this taken so long?!?!) So I emailed in my interest and just recieved my beta invite to the subscription service.

    I know it is a huge resource, with a lot of really wonderful information in it. But an individual subscription costs



    "the lowest figure we will ever make this subscription available for."

    Looks like I will not get to see the Uncharted talks.

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  • That's pretty steep for a bunch of old videos. I guess they don't want to encourage people not coming to the conference in person (and paying the hefty fee) and just watching the vids afterwards online.

  • I had not considered that Davioware. Living in New Zealand puts these sorts of things a little beyond my reach. I think as a whole the content is worth a lot. But I don't see many people out there wanting every single scrap they have tucked away. And I certainly don't.

    Add on top of that my awful other side of the world internet and the videos being locked away again after the subscription runs out...Not an attractive deal in the end.

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