for gaming, what's better, ITouch, or Nintendo DS

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  • I tend to emulate GBA and PSX the most on the psp

  • Another off-beat idea, but in terms of emulation and cheapness, the Dingoo is looking pretty sweet Hopefully going to pick one up myself for my birthday or Christmas

    It's only like 4 or 5 months old and already the community has linux booting up on it with Quake, Doom, Rise Of The Triad and a bunch of emulators being ported to it. Worth a look if some other cheap asian technology doesn't come out and kill it

  • PSP all the way. Far better and more ''mature'' games, crystal clear screen, much more emulation options than the DS, and technically more advanced.

  • crystal clear screen

    IMHO the DS screens are much clearer and brighter... battery lasts longer too.

    However it all comes down to library, and while PSP's is more "mature", it's also rather small.

    Also... DS Homebrew: MSN and ScummVM... with touchscreen.

  • If the PSP had touchscreen then it'd been the best portable console ever, since it has not only homebrews like msn and scummVM (if i remember correctly), but every emulator and just everything. While PSP has the DS emulator, the DS can't emulate the PSP, since the PSP is way more powerfull. (And that's why the DS battery lasts longer)

    Just watch the technical specs:

    CPU: PSP CPU (1-[b]333 MHz[/b])
    [b]64 MB Main Memory[/b]
    4 MB embedded DRAM
    Display 4.3 inches (16:9) full-transparent type, TFT
    [b]480 x 272 pixel, Approximately 16,770,000 colors
    Every function, every game, everything!
    Obviously this is just my opinion, because I had a PSP and it is the funniest console to play.
  • The DSi is actually a bit more powerful than the older DS, I wonder how much better the games could be.

  • Nothing more than the old DS, just like from PSP 1000 to PSP 2000+, PSP 1k had 32 mb RAM and PSP 2k+ has 64 mb, but games obviously havn't changed because PSP 1k owners must play the games like all the other players with PSP 2k+ consoles.

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  • The PSP has some good games and homebrew, but... That's about it. And the ITouch/IPhone, while it also has gems, they're piled under the masses of crap, it's really not much of a gaming device. DS, hands down.

  • DSi seems to have region lock =/

    DS doesn't.

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