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  • Newzoo recently released an update to it's Global Games Market report for 2017. ... taking-42/

    The Industry is expected to take in $108.9 billion with Mobile games making up 42% of sales. Browser games are expect to drop down to 4%, still pulling in $4.5 billion. They go on to say PC browser game revenue has been steadily decreasing since 2015. By 2020, mobile is expected to reach 50% of all gaming revenue.

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  • Thanks for info!

  • Wow this report is amazing.

  • Well the expectation of mobile games going 50% although a big share like it is half of all. But i think the estimate is quite a prudence since i believe the percentage should be have been higher. I might be wrong but this is what i think.

    Thanks for the share though. Good stats.

  • I am hopping the mobile performance to increase by a great margin in the future, so developers can stop making the same games over and over again with just little changes to graphics.

    I think the market is already overfull of freemium games, which usually revolve around same thing, grind a lot, buy upgrades and then grind again, I would like to see a change on this in the future.

  • One problem HTML5 games have is that they are widely seen as a marketing tool to sell products. People get sick of that eventually. The majority of HTML5 games are garbage too on top of that, so it's hard to find something worth spending time playing. The fact that I have to sit through ads or click through them, makes me not even want to think about browser games.

    The reason console and PC games sell more is because it's immersive and you don't think about product ads. It's possible the market for browser games will rise again, but it's very doubtful with the way things are.

  • Thank you for the info. Online Game market is going very popular, as more and more gamer are coming online to play games

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