So many games should be banned on Google Play!

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  • I've started to get really tired of seeing games on Google Play toplists that are using copyrighted material in their games. On the toplist you'll find shitty games on top just because they use copyrighted materials. You'll find sponge bob, turtles, pokémon, spiderman and many more there and they all suck and would not have any downloads if they didn't use others names and art.

    Why are these games not removed? I understand that its hard to catch all these games but it should be impossible for such games to reach the toplists. The developers of these games are thieves and should not be rewarded for it.

    I'm starting to feel that the mobile development is a waste of time. If you actually make a really good game that has the potential of getting big many others will just copy it and a clone will problably end up being bigger than your original game

    So if the app stores won't take action and protect the developers of original ideas the mobile market will die. No serious developer will waste time when the risk of getting clone raped is so god damn high They don't need to be so drastic but you should not be able to make clones of games trying to trick consumers to think the clone is the original game nor be allowed of using copyrighted names and materials.

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  • The problems lies not with google play but with consumers of mobile games being accepting of very shallow games with some shallow element they appreciate, or of games that can be easily imitated. If a game is easily imitated it will be easily imitated. If someone will play anything because it has pikachu in it vs. something of quality with original content, then it's not really the fault of google play. They serve popular demand, and mobile gamers aren't know to look for quality, they play whatever is popular.

  • I see your point but if a game reaches the toplist and obviously is containing copyrighted material. Then its Google plays fault. They should detect those games and remove them. Not so difficult really.

  • That is indeed a problem, however I would add something, I think games using copyrighted materials in that case may be "tolerated" as fan games, however I guess some of them, (most?), have ADS in them or are paid, or have an Iap to retire the ads, those should be primarely targetted by a ban as this is counterfeit with profit, which should not be tolerated.

    Sure devs have to eat, but they might as well use their own content to do so, or pay the rights to use them, it is the rules, and no one should betray them.

    Also a special case about clicking adverts to unlock more plays, just erase them from the surface of the earth!

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