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  • Sorry for if it is not put this here ... but not to be

    Hi all! here I leave my projects that make for 1 or 2 years ago with the tool mmf 2, before meeting Construct 2!.

    Three projects.

    The first project is called "Transylvania" I love that genre and so I did. Search the whip and the holy cross, use the arrow keys and the z key direcion to hit.

    The second inspire me in my mobile app called "stupid zombies", simple game, using your mouse to shoot enemies ... Problem I had is that the bullet in the first collision with platform goes wherever you want .. lol (I did not know fix) are several chapters!

    And the third and last is more developed and I liked how it turned out the beta! here inspires me in a flash game called "Protostar" the arrow keys to move the ship, the Z key to the shooting, the x pair of missiles and the c key to prime the pump ... (I love it when pudes use it lol) .. grabs all pedas minerals to upgrade your ship in the hangar .. do not forget to use your boba stellar when you're ready ...

    The downside is that only realize two levels, where there is only one enemy ships and another planet where enemies shoot ....

    I hope to learn as much as mmf2 learned and to make all my projects with Construct 2!

    Hope you like it!

    psd. sorry for my bad English, I used google.

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