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  • gamejolt is now accepting html5 games apparently.

    From the tweet

    "And after much tapping and clacking, the Game Jolt team presents: HTML5! Upload them games, and tell your friends and enemies."

    Looks like it uses an iframe, as you just export to website. (index.html, and files in a zip)

  • Hey guys, this is CROS from Game Jolt.

    We'd love to get your thoughts on the implementation and if anyone has suggestions.

    I've also got some questions, because I'd love to get the Achievements API implemented, but since the iframe is on a different domain than the main site, does C2 support JSONP or similar to get around the cross-domain issues?

    Example of achievements -- would be nice to have in C2:

  • CROS - you just need to set up Cross Origin Resource Sharing for your servers to make requests from a different domain. More info here:

    (This answer originates from Ashley who asked me to post it for him)

  • The API is now set up with CORS, so HTML games should be able to use the Game Jolt Achievements/Data Storage API in their games!

    Let us know your experiences with the uploading process, guys. We try hard to make it easy and quick to add/manage games.

  • Cool, thanks

    Actually I would think its possible to use with Node-Webkit as well.

    So there's yet another distribution method.

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  • Great news, CROS! Any plans to support an API specific to Construct 2, perhaps via a plugin? An example might be what has done with the Construct 2 plugin.

  • Yeah, we'd love to get a Plugin working for C2. We usually try to get the community to develop the plugins so that it stays up to date with community interest and what not. I'm not sure if anyone has any C2 plugin knowledge, but the GJ API is really easy to work with, especially in JS. I got a really small JS file that shows how easy it would be to make web calls to the API at:

    I may start a plugin to get things going, but again, community help would be best! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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