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  • Is what my ex's usually end up saying...

    But actually...

    As you all know we have the asset store with templates. You can see the one I've done already https://www.scirra.com/newstore/royalty-free-game-templates/ropey-ninja-4.

    What I'm wondering is what else(that you would be willing to pay for) do you guys need?

    I already have a card flick mechanic in mind, as well as my iso projection set up possibly. I'm a little hesitant on that one since it would probably require some custom service.

    Keep in mind my experience is just game mechanics. I can't help much with stuff like exporting to this platform, or how to scale to that system, etc.

  • I'm quite interested at your iso projection. Have seen many different solutions here, but I'm wondering how did you make it

  • Its basically an invisible regular 2d layer, with a visible iso layer, so movements are easy to do, but you double up on instances.

    Should be much better for a less experienced user, but I wouldn't plan on doing an rts with it.

  • newt one more question, Did you ever thought about adding light+shadow system for your iso?

  • With the new plugs?

    Yes it should be doable, but some things might require custom collision poly's which could mean additional instances.

    On the other hand I was also planning on implementing tilemaps for the 2d layer, and that could take things back down a bit.

    At least for obstacles that is.

  • Here's an example of the flick type movement.

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/666 ... index.html

    Its actually pretty simple, and I'm considering adding the additional interpolations, but that means a lot of extra variables. lol

    It would be non linear movement, sort of like a homing missle where its starts out on a different tangent then the flick, but does a curve into the desired direction.

    It's cool and all but I think the one in the demo is more useful, so I might just save the qarps, or cubics for special request.

    Question now is: does anybody think its worth adding to the Scirra store?

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  • im not buying anything but it would be interesting if people can sell a whole completed game so buyers can just modify the game using the given sprites, given events, given layouts and also add in their own stuffs.

    for example people are interested in those popular games like flappy birds, angry bird, candy crush.

    for me im interested in making a card game (google Elements card game), which is a very difficult and

    time wasting game to create so buying a completed one rather than starting scratch sounds more sane.

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