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  • Hi everyone, hope you are doing great and enjoying your holydays!

    A friend of mine and I are thinking about a new startup, not a game itself, but a board where developers can submit their games (even at early stage) and gamers can test them and leave feedback and suggestions.

    I realized myself that even if making a game got easier thanks to game engines like Construct 2, still, there is not a place where a dev can just submit a prototype or a demo to a community (an outside community, of real gamer, not other developers) and get some consistent feedback.

    In addition I strongly think that it will also help to create ''the buzz'' since early stage and help the devs to get known faster.

    What do you think guys, another useless idea or something that can solve someone's problem and at the meantime providing some fun for others?

    Please find two minutes to reply, we are really curious to know your opinion!


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  • The forum is a decent way to submit your project, but it only covers games made with Construct2 and you are pitching the game to other devs only.

    I was thinking about something wider that could cover every engine/language as long as the final product run on PC, Mac or Android and the ''testers'' are actual gamers.

    thank you for your opinion though

  • well My wife is a fulltime tester for all my games, whether it may be WinPhone8, Android or Windows 8.

  • It could be interesting.

    One problem I would foresee though, is like very much the Scirra's arcade, the great number of daily submissions could simply "lose" users.

    Also, gamers feedback is important indeed, but not necessary always efficient for developers. One gamer strictly giving feedback like "the game sucks" is not that useful to a developer. And in case of bugs or something, gamers don't have the reflex of giving the more informations needed.

    C2 devs don't even do it (look at most of the requests for help in these forums, it's often missing/lacking efficient infos).

    So it could be an interesting idea, but you first need a "good"/informed community so that gamers can still have fun testing games out and their feedback could be really impactful and interesting for devs.

  • Thank you for reply, we already have some ideas to solve the problems you pointed out, thank you so much to give us such as an important suggestion.

    Please guys, keep posting!

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