What game are you playing?

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    gee i would have tried dota if it wasnt full of kids telling you every second "OMG NOOOOB PLEASE LEAVE OMG PLEAASEEE NOOB LEABE UNINSTAL THE GAME OMG NOOOB"

    Its been a while since iread about it, but supposedly valves version will have all types of special coaching features, like people viewing while you play, and being able to talk and give suggestions, and great coaches get extra stuff in game, don't remember what, probably like decorative stuff like badges and costumes. So there's an incentive to teach nooobs, and not to be an ahole while doing it

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    It's not really like that in LoL. Once you rank high enough people are mostly good and the fights are pretty fair (good matchmaking). People often get mad at bad players because it ruins the match more than in other genres though. It's not worse than in other rts's however.

    I've basically just been playing Sotis (storm of the imerpial sanctum, a dota game for SC2). Was playing Halo Reach, but the game is really badly designed in comparision to their previous games.

    LoL, they add new stuff every 2 weeks which is great. free2play means devoted devs it seems.

    diddy kong racing, just bought a used cartridge

    other than that, haven't played much lately.

    Just beat Bulletstorm on pc which was a blast (Albeit short). Not sure what to start now... been meaning to play through Cave Story finally.

    Ive also been playing Lots of LoL I usually play on a nightly basis with some of my friends over skype. Makes cooperating much easier. Other than that I just picked up the potato sack from Valve and have been playing super meat boy because I love plat formers like that.

    Construct lately , no time to play "normal" games. Last good game I remember playing was CoD:MW2.

    Let's see what you guys are playing now :)

    I play Dota 2, and here and there some point and click adventures.


    Black ops 2 (really sick of it lol)

    Farcry 3 (getting board of it - very slow with all the running/driving/sneaking)

    pre-ordered CoD:Ghost (get it on 6th november) Probably going to play it all december and next year :)

    Oh, was playing flashback (original) here link for the older folks (all the old games online :)

    Classic Ms Dos Games online

    Right now I'm playing Prison Architect (designing, building, and running a prison).

    And Kerbal Space Program, though I'm not particularly taking it seriously.

    Path of Exile...


    Dead Space 2

    Crysis 2

    STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl

    Strange enough to know this thread was start about 2 years ago, and now it is pop again.

    I usually don't play much 3D games. recently I am playing these games:

    • Rayman Legends    >> challenging platformer, using gamepad intensively (PC)
    • Shift It   >> sliding puzzle on Android
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