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  • Copy pasted from the Game Jolt-website:

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    Game Achievements Closed Beta Program

    Achievements are currently in closed beta, and we're looking for some helping hands that would be interested in testing the system. We're looking for developers that are serious about using trophies in their games. If you think you'd be interested in being part of the closed beta, send us an e-mail to and let us know. Be sure to include your username in the email, as well.

    Give your games a jolt with the Game Jolt achievements system! Allow gamers to achieve trophies, high scores, and even save their games/levels directly onto the Game Jolt servers.

    What creation tools/languages does it work with?

    Finally an achievements system that works with nearly any game on nearly any platform! As long as your creation tool/programming language supports HTTP operations and MD5 (or SHA-1), you can implement the achievements API in your game.

    Is it difficult to work with the system?

    Well, we're doing everything we can to make this system as easy to use as possible. Developers already work hard enough on their games as it is, so adding achievements to those games should be made simple so as to make it fun, rather than a big pain. Along with the Game Jolt developer community, we're working on making libraries and plugins to work with as many creation tools/languages out there. There's a very good chance that your chosen development platform already has a plugin. If you'd like to help with this endeavor, contact us!

    What features do I get?

    The system currently has support for trophies, high scores and data storage. We're working on adding game/player status and cleaning up some of the functionality before release.

    Is there an added benefit to implementing achievements?

    Besides the fact that many gamers are drawn to achievements and unlockables, when the achievements system comes out of closed beta, we'll be heavily promoting the games that use it.

    In Closing

    Thanks for your interest, and we'll keep you posted on progress and new developments regarding the achievements system!

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  • This is old already and im sure there's thread somewhere and yeah nothing else really except that his rocks imo (using it currently)

    Sorry if I sounded agressive but just heads up ^^

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