Game Jolt Compo 2: Axioms

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  • Hello fellow Constructers, Game Jolt has a new competition up, with an excellent theme.

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    We've just started our latest game making competition over at Game Jolt (contest started August 1st, 2009 Eastern Standard Time US). This time, the competition will be running for a whole month to allow more time for more people to enter; there were quite a few people during the last competition that were on vacation and such during the specified week of the competition, so we're hoping this will give everyone enough opportunity to make their ideas become a reality.

    The theme is based around axioms. In case you're unsure of what an axiom is, here's a good definition from wiktionary:

    "A self-evident and necessary truth; a proposition which it is necessary to take for granted; a proposition whose truth is so evident that no reasoning or demonstration can make it plainer."

    In view of the fact that not everyone agrees when a subject comes to more philosophical things, we've provided a list of ten different axioms to choose from for your entry (or entries) to be based on.

    Like last time, three winners will be picked. All three will be featured on the front page of the site. We'll also throw you into the closed beta of the ad revenue sharing system if you're not already in. The first place winner will win a free single game of their choosing from Steam (no packs)! All contestants will also receive a Helluva Good Time -- courtesy of Game Jolt.

    All the info you need to know (important rules and answers to often asked questions) regarding this competition can be found in the first post here: Click!

    Hope to see some great ideas come of this! ;D

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