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  • Hey everyone!

    Some of you may have already heard about Game Jolt's plans regarding an Ad Revenue Sharing system for developers. We're extremely excited to finally announce that the closed beta is now starting! We've posted more information on the site to hopefully answer all the questions you may have.

    More information on how Ad Revenue Sharing will work can be found at:

    That's not all, though. To kick off the beta we're going to be running a game making contest! Three winners will be picked, all of which will be immediately accepted into the closed beta of the Ad Revenue Sharing system as well as have their games featured on the front page of the site. A first place winner will also receive a free single game from Steam (no packs)!

    More information on the contest (rules and such) can be found at:

    We're totally psyched to finally get the Ad Revenue Sharing system rolling and closer to being ready for the public, and we hope to see lots of great contest entries as well.

    Hope to see you there!

    By the way, I'm Jimmy on GameJolt.

  • Hey guys,

    Not sure if anyone's planning on entering, but it'd be great to have some Construct users! I think Construct's maybe one of the best tools to quickly prototype games out, so I could see some awesome things being developed.

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  • I thought about it, and started a small puzzle game the other night, but I couldn't get my prototype working in a reasonable amount of time (reasonable meaning if I had any hope of finishing such a short compo). It was going to be kind of a pipe-dream-meets-sliding-block-puzzle-thing where you have to connect wires to turn on a light. I lack the skillz to get the electricity flowing properly from one block to another without muddling through via trial and error over a long period of time . I know I could eventually make it work, but not in a week, and definitely not any kind of decent looking game.

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