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  • Anyway, This runs Aug 11-19, so its not too jammy and time intensive. I was thinking it could be a great promotion for Construct 2 if the community wanted to informally make a game or two. I'm far from the most active or best user to try to organize this, but I bet some of the folks here could make something really great and represent the product. Anyway, just wondering if there is any interest, the theme is announced Aug 11, and I will definitely be at my daughters birthday party at that time. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Thanks for introducing me to this, will most likely work on something!

    A week challenge sounds like fun.

    Registered for it!

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  • If I would not be half day at work and need to have time after that for my family, I would join as well, but with just 1 week, I don't think I can come with something up that would be better than the last place :)

    But this contest gave me an idea... what do you guys think about a Construct2 Version of "Picture Pong"? One starts on a game for about a week, after one week it is sent to the next person to continue work on it with his own ideas, and so on. Might be fun with the right participants :)

  • Hey guys, this is CROS from over at Game Jolt.

    I was actually JUST about to let you guys know that we're running another contest and would love to have Construct 2 and Construct Classic users submit some stuff! But, looks like the buzz has preceded me.

    Hope to see you guys there!

  • First prize gets a business edition on C2!

  • Working on something already, just started, but we have 3-4 days left!

    Check out my avatar.

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