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  • I picked this up the other day for my grandson , after trying it out I also had to have a copy , can't remember the last time I had so much fun <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> ... 1159,d.eXY

  • Seems like a good 3D prototype tool. What was your experience with it so far?

  • Haha I actually bought it during its early adopters phase sometime last year, it was call FPS creator ....something. Back than, the only problem was performance, and many of the functions weren't available the UNDO button!! Which drives you crazy when you are sculpting terrain.

    But this is a FPS game, so you can't make another genre from it. But graphics wise, it is absolutely beautiful. It's not at Crysis level graphics, more like L4D2 on high settings, something like that. Put all the setting high and with bloom effect (diffuse glow) sometimes I just play it and stand at the beach I created to enjoy the view! Haha.

    I guess when I have the time, I'll download and install the latest version and give it a spin.

  • They are coming along quite nicely on this with almost weekly updates , the amount of assets that come with it are far more worth then the $19.99 asking price of the software and there are many more free assets in their store and on the forum . As I said earlier I picked this up as a gift and not as a tool ,but after trying it out I found it very entertaining . Besides at $19.99 that's cheaper than a night out with a meal and a couple of drinks

  • Just bought it. Looks fun. Thanks granpa.

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  • Ah I wondered what was up with FPS Creator Reloaded, glad to see it's becoming something even better Thanks for sharing granpa

  • Awesome tool if you want to prototype fps game.

    I found it after i was struggling with unity codes.

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