Game Boy JAM #2 November 1st - 10th

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    Hello everyone! I am here to announce the second edition of the Game Boy Jam.

    The GBJAM is a JAM were people will be developing games around the theme of GameBoy. To make this so great the rules are very loose and can be seen over on

    We are hoping to get a lot of participants. If you are not a programmer or you are a programmer, but not an artist head over to the forums on the site and go to the team up section where you can list your skills and past projects and than see if someone will decide that they want to team up with you.

    This is a community project, and I have really tried to base it around that. The official dates for the JAM is over a 9 day period going from November 1st - November 10th.

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  • Sounds fun, and I would love to enter, but not sure if I'll have any free time.

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