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  • Hi,

    I'm soft launching a new website / blog early next week : -

    The site is intended to provide game / media art assets at an affordable price range. I would also like to take requests for the type of assets that you would like to see in the future.

    In this interim stage, where the site is in progression, I have been looking into the best ways of offering the resources to you, the enduser, in the best possible way. I have been lead to 2 possible ways to do this : -

    ( A ) Paypal - Simple paypal payment system, where the enduser pays for the content at an affordable price. Seems more professional.

    ( B ) Ad - Based - All content is free, hosted on free file sharing sites, but I make money from ad-based links ( such as ) to the sites.

    Given those two choices, what would you prefer ?

  • Here's a clickable URL so it's easier to get to:

    Maybe run ad's and sell ad-free pages & early access to art packs? I think the voting on what's created next should remain free though.

  • Hi,

    I've decided to trial option B

    So, I've uploaded a number of assets ( in .PNG and .Ai Formats ), which are available free via an Ad-sponsored link ( which only last 5 seconds maximum )

    Hope you find the assets useful, and let me know if you have any specific requests, and I will add them to my list of 'things to do' ! :)


    Hi, JayJay, thanks for your feedback, let me know if you like the site as it stands. :)

  • Nice art! I'll post that link as a URL for people to click easier in my post above.

    I think you could also use some of that space on the left side of your main page to sneak 2 or 3 little Google ads in, that way you'll earn some income for people who come browsing or just grab the PNG format images you're showing in the preview box.

  • Thanks, Jayjay

    I appreciate that, I considered that, but I want to keep the interface clean for users, I know I lose money with this, but aesthetics win... :)


    New Coloured Pencil Set Now Added.


  • Nice art, I like it. Keep up the good work!

  • GameArtForge ..

    Good to see your post. I have seen some of your art on and think I can likely use some of it in my game. I wanted to reach you about specifics on how to credit you for the use of some of that art. Can you contact me via my email   I have tried to find your old site but it gives message 'page not found'.



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  • Thanks, awesome work...

  • Blog doesn't exist anymore :(

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