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  • I read this article, but I was a bit disappointed by the description of C2. It was mentioned at the start which was nice, but the author doesn't seem to have used it at all, but still implied to have an overcomplicated UI. I really think it's different to other tools in that regard, especially GameMaker.

    e.g.: "Current tools are very concerned in presenting a coder-friendly environment." - I don't think that applies to C2 at all, especially since it doesn't even use code!

    "Blender ... gives little to no "premade" solutions for common game functions (any mouse-control needs to be scripted for example). Game Maker is better in this department, certainly better than Construct and Unity, yet it's still too simplistic."

    Again, frustrating since they clearly haven't used Construct, because its behaviors system fits the description of premade solutions exactly. In fact the behaviors system is so good it has been highlighted by others as an advantage over GameMaker, but this article says GameMaker is better in this regard. Hmm...!

    Anyway, here's to getting mentioned more regularly in game industry articles.

  • He clarified that he is interested in more visually accessible pre-made solutions, similar to his example image. He also admitted to not using every tool extensively, and that there is a range of accessibility throughout them.

    He probably should have skewed the article more theoretical than critical, but yes, cheers to "any press is good press."

    I think once things get complex, the event sheet is preferable to a graphical node system. I appreciate that the event sheets are visual, but still organized like code.

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  • That is rather disappointing.. he doesn't seem to have did very much experimenting with Construct. The whole eventing system is going away with coder-friendly environment.. I'm an artist and I really love the logic-friendly environment.

    I just think about "If this and this, then this and this" and it translate directly into a feature. I agree with him on some points, but it is sad that he is grouping Construct with the same user-friendliness as Game Maker or Unity.

    Nevertheless, Cheers to that Ashley!

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