Any Future for 3D Construct...before its too late ?

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  • Hello,

    I know lot of people have already talked on this topic here....

    But being a big Construct 2 fan, I want to point this out.

    As Scirra has already made decision and came up with construct 3

    TBH, Which is like an updated iPhone 7 to iPhone 6

    For me, the closest and easiest Game creator to Contruct 2 was buildbox 2,

    but it lacked event based or any kind of coding at all.

    But now, it has taken a leap forward and bringing 3D GAMING Update.. Buildbox 3

    Along with Node based coding which can be further edited via Javascript

    But they are taking huge steps... and lot of other game engines are also aiming for 3D.

    Whereas for Scirra, I believe had they released Construct 3 as a 3D gaming engine, it would have been ground breaking. It would have become close contender to Unity and Unreal.

    Please do let me know what you guys think ?

  • The Q3D plugin for C2 works fine:

    Something like that for C3 would be nice. Likely going to be third-party, but C3 should be easier to "add" a 3D editor / toolset for than C2 would have been.

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  • Yes, I was about to mention that in my main post...

    The only plugin which makes 3D possible for c2 was Q3D... but its outdated and no further development has been done on it.

    Also because, its been a year since C3 release, so there is no point of talking about C2.

    Cranberry has also seems to lost interest in C3

    It pretty clear... its not working out :(

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