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  • You have a character with rather complex physics. The complexity comes not through the complexity of code, per se, but the unpredictability of the physics.

    (The goal is to advance through levels, and the game would be a platform game.)

    I suppose I'm not being very descriptive, but it's because I'm trying to isolate the one idea in question.

  • Sounds great!

    Many fun games are based on unpredictable movment or situations. The key is to make it fair for the player so he can act on the situation.

  • Unpredictability is a very slippery slope to frustrating gameplay. Be wary in this waters...

  • Agreed with cow_trix. Plus if you're not careful, it could just translate into "horrible control system" and nothing switches a player off quicker than bad controls. Bad controls and Barbie games.

  • Try making a prototype, and see if that's fun!

  • Your proposal reminds me of Red Remover, in a way:


    (lvl 11 or above...)

    But your concept is still too abstract for us to understand! So, as abstract as it is, I'd say it would make a fun game!

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  • Plus if you're not careful, it could just translate into "horrible control system"

    That's what I'm afraid of.

  • I'd say that's waaaay too generic to guess. Elaborate a little. It could be great or boring, depending on the goals and other things like that.

  • If it were a game like Sumotori Dreams where you're struggling to keep your player upright then it could be fun . Like, say your player is kind of drunk and wobbly.

  • I'd say that's waaaay too generic to guess. Elaborate a little.


    Welll my idea was to make a main character with various sprite animations and a few keys simply control all of this... essentially the game adds an unpredictability since the game controls how the character lands and such. This is nothing new but it's just different when you have several different ways of landing, depending on the motion the character takes based on how the game computes the character's "motion-taking".

    For example, in a normal platform game, you generally don't have to worry about a consequence to the main character hitting the side of a solid object at full speed (or close to full speed). But in this, the player could potentially fall over from smacking the wall. Or perhaps they will keep their balance. There's the slight unpredictability that can come in.

    There may also be a bit more of a unpredictability than this... such as a bit of a random aspect to the physics.

    So essentially you have a platform game with beyond-average physics... and the feature which tries to make the game the most fun, is the physics.

    (Essentially, the anatomy of the character sprite can't be too stiff, or movements will be unbelievable.)

    However the main concern that I can think of with the whole idea is that it could be interpreted as "sloppy controls". It's hard not to make such a thing appear as a "goof-up" by the developer which they did in trying to create a predictable physics, rather than a legitimate aspect of the game.

    *brainstorms* Perhaps the idea would work best if it was manifested in the way of allowing you a "get out of dieing free" reward every once in awhile. Such as instead of the player always dieing when they hit spikes, every once in awhile they're able to bounce off them.

  • Oooh yeah someone made a platformer once where you could "fall over" if you hit your head too hard.... wasn't made with Construct though =(

    It was fun.

    you could make it without real physics though, if all you need to do is adjust the angle and animation of your fall.

  • Something like this maybe?


    It's pretty fun I'd say. All depends on the execution.

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