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  • I didn't know how to describe it in the subject field. This is how DoubleFine offers jobs. A must-read for all those, who need a laughter after a hard day.

    I'm so glad that companies like DoubleFine exist!

    Another candidate is Bethesda, who recently gifted a brony for her enthusiasm in doing parodies of Bethesda games in the MLP universe.

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  • tulamide

    Thanks for posting!

    Tim Schafer (founder of Double Fine) really is one of the legends of gaming. He was honoured in Melbourne's 'Game Masters' exhibition, just closed - from the catalogue: "Tim Schafer [has established] himself as the comedic star of videogame writing. His many releases are considered some of the funniest ever written".

    And Double Fine's job offers, too.

    Not just comedy but honesty: "Sometimes we get busy and ignore that mail box for months on end." It'd be good if other companies were as honest.

  • Velojet

    I totally agree. It was Tim Schafer's humor that gave me some of my best game experiences in the past. I particularly remember "Day of the tentacle", and I recommend "Full Throttle" to everyone who thinks a SCUMM-engine adventure about a motorcycling biker wouldn't work. It isn't called "heavy-metal-adventure" by accident <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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