Full platformer game engine coming soon for use with Spriter and Construct

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    Please test the game here and provide feedback and bug reports so we can perfect the engine and make it available ASAP!


    Hi everyone, This is a fully featured platformer game engine created with and for Construct 2. The player character, Boss character and menu system are all animated and controlled with Spriter. We'll be making this engine available to everyone who owns Construct 2 and Spriter Pro in two forms.

    The footage you see is of the full version of the engine, which will include all of the royalty-free art you see here and several advanced features such as:

    The ability to slide against and jump off of walls.

    The ability to float and swim in water.

    Signs or NPC sprites to deliver hints and plot points to the player.

    The ability to switch to running as opposed to walking by holding the attack button

    ,and a balance-check animation for when the player is standing at the very edge of a platform.

    Both versions of the engine include:

    Blocks the player can break with their head.

    Blocks which produce a power-up that gives the player the ability throw bouncing fireballs.

    sloped platforms, moving platforms, and jump-through platforms.

    The ability to make auto-scrolling levels.

    Objects that act as trampolines or spring-boards.

    Flying enemies that become basic land-bound enemies when hit.

    Multiple save game slots and a simple level select system where beating each level unlocks access to the next.

    Automatic detection and switching from mouse and touchscreen controls, keyboard controls, or game pad controls.

    And more.

    The Essentials version of this game engine will be free for everyone who owns Spriter Pro and Construct 2, but will lack the advanced features I previously mentioned and most of the art will be grayed out or water-marked so the art would need to be replaced, recolored or painted over.

    The full version will become available for purchase and will include everything shown and mentioned in this video.

    Either version can be used create free or commercial games or for learning or game creation classes.

    Just imagine the benefit this engine could offer to aspiring game artists, who can build their skills by creating all new art and animations for every aspect of the game, and then have a completed game to show off in their portfolio! We'll be making a full set of videos showing how to edit every aspect of the game within Spriter and Construct 2 and advanced videos showing how to add custom features to the engine.

    At it's current state the engine is feature-complete, but has not yet been thoroughly tested for bug-fixing and final polish. If you're interested in this engine we welcome you to play the most current version of the game at the link provided and tell us about any bugs you might find or suggestions you might have. We'll do our best to finalize the engine and make it available as quickly as possible and your feedback can really help make that happen sooner. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • You can walk off the left edge of the screen on levels 2 & 4 (at least).

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  • You can walk off the left edge of the screen on levels 2 & 4 (at least).

    Thanks. That's just a matter of poor level design on my part, and not a bug with the engine itself. ;)

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