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  • Anyone played this at all?

    It's a pretty good concept... sort of like mixing Star Control 2 with a roguelike. It was also in the first groups of games to get funded through Kickstarter.

    There's some pretty unique gameplay in the sense that even when I get pretty far into it, I always feel like I'm just hanging on by a thread.

    Last time I played I was having the best luck, I had a ton of resources, and my ship was upgraded pretty well, but I was boarded and the boarding party damaged my oxygen room which killed them and all of my crew but one guy. He managed to repair the oxygen room and the engine room and fight off the enemy ship, running between each room and repairing rooms and putting out fires until I destroyed their weapons. That sort of thing is fairly common too!

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  • I haven't bought the game yet, I suspect that it'll appear in one of the upcoming Humble Bundles so I'm holding my breath :P

    On a side note how difficult is it to complete the game? I've tried Binding of Isaac, I've gotten to level 6 ish before but I've never managed to complete it :S

  • I played Binding of Isaac a lot before I finally beat it. I think that one requires a lot more skill, this just requires a lot more luck.

    I haven't beaten FTL but apparently the final boss is a labyrinth and you have to be able to teleport onto his ship and all this other stuff. Sounds really hard. There are also multiple difficulty modes, I've only tried easy and normal.

    You're probably right, this one will end up in a bundle sooner or later.

  • I've been playing it and it's fun, but it does require a bit of luck. There are builds that are better than others and if you have one bad unavoidable battle, yer done. There are definitely some annoying things (solar flare nodes are terrible), but the game play is good and requires a lot of strategy and decisions from the player which is fun.

  • Funny you should mention solar flare nodes. I've stopped playing because my last play through I was doing amazing until I had to fight a ship in one of these nodes, and of course my ship burned completely before I could even finish the fight. Frustrating! Still a good game though.

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