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  • Hi everyone!

    I'm Peter, a 32 years old freelance?composer for media?- looking for serious gamemakers to work with. I can compose in several different moods & styles to perfectly compliment your game, but my main forte is cinematic, orchestral music. Check out? find some examples of my work.

    If you like what you find, and would like to work with someone, who's?creative, reliable, driven, professional, a (very) swift learner, and has been playing with literally thousands of video games from every single genre since the early 80's, contact me!?

    I'm only looking for paid work, but my rates are friendly and flexible, so if in a doubt, contact me at composer at peterlukacs dot net, or simply use the contact form on my website!

    Have Fun Listening!

    Peter Lukacs

    Composer For Media

  • assuming your not a bot, this isn't really a place to advertise, especially not for a 1 time poster who's not talking about anything really construct related, its a forum for construct users. not personal ad space that anyone can come into and put up a big billboard like this free of charge. after all this isn't a "JOB OFFERS" forum.

  • I don't know, I think the post is fine. It's in open topic, it's related to games creation because he wants to compose for such a project and it's presented well enough.

    I could understand if he were just selling CD's or something, but he wants to compose for a project, I don't see the problem really.

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  • I'm with 6Fix on this. As this is open topic and the post is fine imo so I don't see any problems ofc assuming it's not bot, after all you can decide not to check this topic or just don't care. AND there isn't Job Offers forum here so there's not really another place to post.

    -Seagull out kaww kaww

  • AND there isn't Job Offers forum here so there's not really another place to post.

    I think it would be great to have that forum here.

  • if this were an honest to god game making site i'd be fine, but its really a site for construct.

    the admins pay good money to keep it up, and they do that without the use of advertisements. when someone comes in here with 0 posts, and makes one about selling something even if it is game related, thats like a slap in the face and goes against the money the admins use to keep this place ad free in the first place. if this guy actually gave two shreds about USING construct, instead of making money off its user base i'd be all right with this. imagine if these posts were everywhere from 0 posters. it'd be like this place was free adspace and more will come if we make too many exceptions.

    if a user we knew was to do this, thats fine, since i dont really feel its the same in that case compared with a 0 poster.

  • I'm not particularly offended or anything, but I'm going to lock this thread. If you're interested, contact the OP directly.

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