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  • Hello everyone! I love to write. Write quickly on paper, but my typing speed is extremely low. Recently decided that I need to improve my typing skills. Also it will help me at work ). Decided to look on the Internet for free online lessons that will help improve typing skills. Looks like I gotten faster, but still far from ideal. Here's a short list of sites that I liked best:

    And what sites do you use to speed up typing skills?

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  • I just write on forums to improve it, but i am not really aiming for a good typing speed, you just get better over time :p


    Many years ago I typed around 65 words a minute using the standard qwerty method. I also suffered wrist pain and neck pain and back pain. I did a lot of research and found dvorak method. I grabbed a typing program and unlearned my touch typing qwerty method and learnt dvorak method. My speed the first few days dropped to 20 words a min, but after a week I was 80plus words a minute and I have never had sore wrists, sore neck or sore back again. It is what the keyboard was supposed to be, but old typewriters got jammed. Today, keys don't jam so qwerty is the worst method under the sun.

    Google dvorak method of touch typing. All computers have it built in by the way. I use a standard keyboard, no need for a dvorak keyboard. You don't need to see where the keys are, that is what touch typing is all about.

    My thoughts on it.

  • You reminded me of Mario Teaches Typing. Now I wanna make a typing game.

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