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  • If anyone is looking for a decent image\ graphic editor, try this one -

    PhotoFiltre 6.5.2, (free image editor)

    You can download it here - (4 meg)

    Make sure you select the English version


    1 click transparent color select for sprites

    Good set of flters- BLUR, SMUDGE, CLONE....ETC)

    Full support for- BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TARGA, TIFF, ICON

    Image merge and Dissolve

    Automate\ Batch processing

    PhotoMasque filters

    Animation plugins

    Portable Version

    Construct 2 users will need to Change the following reg setting-

    1, Open\ run regedit (Start......Run.......Type 'regedit')

    2, Navigate to 'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SystemFileAssociations\image\shell\edit\command'

    3, Change the Default windows editor to -

    "C:\Program Files\PhotoFiltre\photofiltre.exe" "%1"

    (Depending on were you install it!)

  • Yeah this one was my favorite for ages, but you can't use layers in free version

    wich is kinda sad

    Recently i found this one :

    It's more or less like photofiltre exept it has an exellent layer management,

    toggle window with all effects + thumbnails, cliparts, etc

    Give it a try it really worth it (4mega / free / portable)

  • Thanks Jamesx

    Just downloaded it, i didnt know about the layers restriction in Photofiltre.

  • Before I bought Photoshop, I used:

    It's pretty full-featured and there are a ton of new plugins/effects in the forums.

    Iv'e used in the past, very good editor....but I think you need NetFramework 3 on your system for it to work, and it's a HUGE download if you haven't got unlimited internet!

    Im using a Vodafone dongle with a 3 gig monthly limit.

  • How about Gimp? I use it for ages for any graphical needs, including gif animations

    It is also free, open source and almoust just like photoshop

  • Thanks for the info buddy40 and Miu3 i will download and test them out

  • I personally don't like Gimp, as the interface is kind of cluttered and the layout is much different to Photoshop (which is the industry standard). Also, the mod that changes the interface to look more like Photoshop is several version behind.

    It's certainly not terrible for free software. It's just better suited to Linux, which is what it's intended for.

    When I am away from my own computers, I use: - Which is entirely online.

    Well, that is your opinion. Im Vista user.

    I personaly think the interface makes it only better as you can edit your workspace by puting together the Dialogs of each function you prefer for your work as you like. You could for example watch a movie while drawing on one screen at the same time ^^

    Also a big plus is the commercial use in Gimp and it is always under develoopment.

    I tried out that SumoPaint now and to be honest, in my case it got a big minus as it has no pen presure function. Even in pixel drawing for making sprites it has horrible quality...

    The brush options are verry poor and making it online only can be difficult to use when you got no net. It doesnt has much functions compared to gimp. Also it doesnt look like you could use it for things like commissions. Just personal, non-commercial use.

    Sorry if I sound kinda heavy but thats simply how i see it.

  • is there a way to replace also the construct classic image editor?

    because that is kinda buggy too

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  • is there a way to replace also the construct classic image editor?

    because that is kinda buggy too

    closest thing is this:

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