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  • I've already contacted Fraps, but I was wondering if anyone else who used a registered version of Fraps on here is experiencing any issues with it?

    All my drivers/software/OS (win7 64) are up to date.

    I wanted to record my game to check precise timings, but no can do :(

    The framerate takes a huge hit. And not long ago I used Fraps to successfully record high intensity online PC game segments with no problem...

  • I get frame skips etc too, are you using Chrome? Fraps didn't seem to capture at all in FireFox.

  • Yeah I was using Chrome for the testing, and I also tried Firefox. I believe I successfully recorded in Firefox, just with the same lame, unreliable performance.

    Do you know if you used to get this decrease in performance?

  • I haven't tried recording any Construct 2 stuff with fraps, but if you want to try an alternative you could look into FFSplit. It's mainly a streaming application but also allows local recording. Though afaik the program saves it as mkv's so you'd have to convert them to whatever format your editing software wants (you might also need to do some cropping when editing), should be doable in VLC. FFSplit is pretty lightweight so it might give decent results.

  • Thanks inkBot, I'll give it a look when I get a chance. And my issue with fraps is beyond just html5 recording, I believe. I think it is an issue with the software itself; at least that's my impression. But I'm surprised because I have had the same problem with both the current update, and the version before. I would have thought they'd have fixed any error they made. Oh well.

  • I could just be that your machine isn't powerful enough to run fraps and play the game. Fraps is a very CPU heavy program. What are your system specs?

  • I would suggest giving Dxtory a try, it isn't nearly as CPU heavy as Fraps at the cost of being a bit more daunting to set up:

    It's always worked well for me, and if you need a hand setting it up I'll be happy to help.

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  • inkBot

    Fraps has always been fine for me in the past at 1080x1920, 30fps (or 29.97) recording.

    radeon hd 5770, wd black, athlon II x4 635 2.9, 16 gb ddr3 1300, win7 64

    Wrangler: Thanks for the information, I've been super busy but eventually I'll get around to investigating these alternatives. However, fraps should be fine.

    I received a full E-mail from fraps yesterday but have been to busy to read it through. I'll report here if anything interested has been discovered.

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