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  • I made some.

    Use them if you wish... the standard ones are always kinda boring.

    <img src="">

    Let me know if you want me to break them up into individual smiles... IMG tags are only recommendations.


  • I agree we need more smileys, but I don't really like your smileys. They're drawn well, I just don't dig on the design.

    Sorry, man... you know I usually love your stuff though

  • I like them, but I think they're too big for common use smilies.

    If you can resample/find smaller ones, I'd be happy to add them .

  • I think those look great, but they don't fit the forum for some reason. Perhaps size or such, but I'm not totally certain of that.

    Maybe make them half the size and tone them down just a notch.

  • the only construct smileys which dont really make sense are the smiley, it looks like his mouth is open, and the lol smiley, he looks like a spaz

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  • I like them, but I think they're too big for common use smilies.

    If you can resample/find smaller ones, I'd be happy to add them .


    <img src="">

    I can make changes to any smiles you guys don't think look quite right... I have to add a few that I forgot as well, like faces for xD and a "wtf" face for example.

    I made some similar faces for another board I run a few years back and they have proven more popular than the standard ones since there are a fair few more "options" for expressing yourself.

    I guess not everyone is going to like them, but that's why I put a poll up to see what the majority think, so if they were to change it would be as fair of a decision as possible.


  • Some of them look all right, but there just doesn't seem to be much uniformity between them. Some are drawn in completely different styles than others. The ones I think work pretty well are






    The rest I really don't care for. The eyes are too small and too perfectly round, and all of them look surprised.

    The <3 doesn't look so much lovey to me as it does stalkery, your rolleyes looks more like it's daydreaming, and your angry face looks kinda like a tomato from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

    The one I absolutely hate is :4ch:, which by the way that face was made at SomethingAwful, not 4chan (and I wish the person who first made it would die in a fire).

    Not to mention using .png means no animation. There is an animated .png format but not all browsers support it.

    I think we should just take the current set of emotes and alter them to add new emotes. There's nothing wrong with the current ones (except for ).

    I hope you don't take offense to my criticism, I'm just keepin' it real bro. Like I said, I usually love your stuff.

  • All good mate... I did it more out of a boredom thing last night after work... got home at like 9:30PM after working for 12 hours and felt like making some smileys.

    My other idea was to make them all gear heads (like the Construct Logo), but they would have to be kinda big-ish so they didn't look like a mangled heap. I've found that 25x25 smileys work well in a forum, it's just if you aren't used to them they seem big... I might cut a few of them out from the sheet I made and give them a test in a post so you can sorta see what I mean.

    Anyway, no offense taken. I knew that not everyone would dig them, but as I said it was more a boredom project than anything. I might still make a few gear heads and see what everyone thinks of those instead. I just thought it would be nice if our board stood out a little more than your standard phpbb.

    If you DARE, you can always PM me for the address of the board I run where I did the GUI for the boards (someone else did the banner(s)) plus all the smiley faces. I think you might have to sign up to view anything (thanks to spam bots) but feel free to check it out.

    I wont post the URL here for the sake of, well... PM me and you will figure it out fast. Whatever you do, if you go look... don't post anything there unless you want to be flamed or laughed at until you cry in a corner. Shit's hardcore.


  • Am I only who doesn't like graphical smileys at all? If I remember, I always click "Disable smilies" when sending a post...

    ASCII is best \>:D/

  • If I remember, I always click "Disable smilies" when sending a post...

    Try "User Control Panel > Board preferences > Edit posting defaults > Enable smilies by default > No".

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