Flippa: who is buying and why?

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  • Hello,

    I was wondering who is buying games/apps on flippa and if they are really making money with them.

    I mean, if an app was so successful (and has potential to be successful for some more time), does one really believe that it would be on sale?


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  • Up.

    I see only 1 possibility: you see a good game with crappy polishing or missing features and you purchase it just to make it better and sell it with a profit.

    But after seeing flippa listings, I'm still wondering...

    For sure, the best marketing guys in the world are there


  • Anyone can buy games or apps on Flippa. Most buyers aim for the already established apps that's making monthly revenue.

    Many successful apps have been sold on Flippa.

    When you buy an app, you buy up to a year's worth of revenue.

    For example..

    If that app is makin $300 a month from Admob, then that app should sell between $3,000-$3,600

  • Yep, so in your example, the seller doesn't believe that he/she will earn 300$/month for 1 more year?

    Otherwise, why would they sell it if it has so much potential.

    I had a quick look at the most active apps and they are "full of potential" but the sellers "don't have time to take care of them", "have to focus on different businesses", "working on new projects", etc.


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