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  • Hi all,

    Hope I'm posting in the correct place, just looking for some (hopefully unbiased) advice!

    I am looking at tech to develop some fairly simple 2D games, will Construct2 tick these boxes?

    • Good for browser based games (embedded in page, like old flash games were)
    • No additional plug-in downloads required (assuming user has a html5 browser)
    • Able to communicate with external .NET server (both ways to deal with registered website user's player names/hi-scores etc)
    • Able to find plenty of talent for hire on something like 'freelancer'

    Thanks in advance

  • Jay79 - Construct 2 will fit your needs on that list and if you require a freelancer then you can ask in this forum, many here are interested in freelance jobs including me but you can always ask the forum if you have questions and if you need help in event making, volunteers will usually help you for free.

  • Jay79 -

    *Construct 2 is a cross-platform game maker program, and one of it's pioneer capabilities is to make HTML5 games a better alternative for Flash games.

    *Construct 2 doesn't require additional plugins as long as the browser supports HTML5 and WebGL(optional).

    *I am not an expert on server based games since I do offline mobile games, but I know that Construct 2 can do it and there are many tutorials for this.

    *If you want a freelancer then you can make a topic in the forum that you are looking for one but usually you can ask help for free.

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  • Thanks for your input, it really is appreciated.

    What is the difference between something like Construct2 and Gamemaker to something like phaser.io and Pixijs?

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