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  • I'm a big firefox supporter and fan and all that. And it'll still be my number 1 browser, but erm...:

    <img src="">

    (this is a screenshot of my firefox browser a minute ago)

    here we see internet explorer crashing on mozilla's firefoxlive server apparently? I mean haha, ie crash and all, but why aren't they using firefox?!?!?!

    to make matters worse, I clicked the little link down there for highlight reel, and it wouldn't display correctly in firefox, it didn't have the video play controls, so it was paused on the first frame. Then I tried it in IE and it worked perfectly..


    <img src="">

    how embarrassing

  • i love adblock and its a great browser but since the didnt reply to my email about wanting to help design (yea they have a page for carreers or something)

    i got my "feelings" hurt and i gave them the bird

    now happily using opera with some adblock list and its kinda allright.

    opera takes less ram and their pretty cool with the community they even had a chat sessions with fans.

    firefox can GO DIE IN AN ALLEY

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  • Aw man Lucid, looking at your posts lately has transformed me into a fan of that pony, in spite of never having actually watched the series

    Karshinkoff > yeah, it's always frustrating when you never hear back on an application. Only just a "no" would help sometimes...

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