Firefox 25 with web audio support

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  • Finally..

    Tested with Firefox for android also.

  • Unfortunately in my testing it's buggy and incomplete. I filed a bug report here:

    It's good progress though - by Firefox 28 it seems OK-ish, and hopefully soon after that it'll be as good as Chrome's.

  • Well thats not good. Even with Firefox 28 its still buggy. I guess we have to wait for Firefox 30. Maybe..

  • Ashley

    Hi after further testing turn out that Firefox 25 broke Construct 2 audio engine. For example for the Space Blaster demo, when I test it on my PC the audio is distorted and sometimes after a while, the audio is cut off..

    The only shortcut fix for me to do is to move the audio files from "Music" folder to "Sounds" folder. After that seems like it is working OK.

    Have you notice this ? Will R149 have this fix ?

    The audio work ok when I test it on my Firefox Android, but really problematic in Firefox Desktop.

    Using Win8.1, Construct 2 R148

  • tumira - it's a Firefox bug. I think it's covered by the bug report I already filed. We'll have to wait for them to fix it.

  • I noticed this last night - music in my game started going weird and distorted immediately after the Firefox update. Glad it's not just me!

  • The onaudioprogess is not working. Randomly, the sounds will be cut.

    AudioContext implementation on Firefox 25 is buggy. I tested with multiple desktop machines with Window 7 and found similar problems.

    I have to use the old API webkitAudioContext.

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  • I can confirm. Audio is broken in Firefox 25.

    It only affects longer audio files in my case (music). After loading for the first time they start playing but stop after about a second.

    Now I installed FF 26 beta which reduced/removed the terrible noise and I found a temporary workaround. For my prototype i was able to do it the following way:


    Function On "startmusic"

    > Audio | Play mymusic looping from Music at 0 db (tag "music")

    > System | Wait 0.1 seconds

    > Audio | Stop "music"

    > Audio | Play mymusic looping from Music at 0 db (tag "music")


    Not a beutful "solution" - I know. Will remove it again as soon as this FF bug is fixed.

    I am not happy about the FF team not testing thoroughly enough before such a radical change/update. But it shows that audio is not a big issue (yet) for a big part of the webcommunity. I can not imagine the same thing happening to the displaying of graphics or fonts.

    However the new standard is necessary and I hope that technology will then stay with us for a long while.

  • I have to correct myself. Except for my last paragraph.

    There is no easy fix or workaround for this. Seems like other sounds are not playing at all. Sounds are mixed with volume changing.

    Guess we will have to wait for a major FF sound update.

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