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  • So who's seen The Dark Knight? I thought it was amazing. Other good films I've seen recently are Children of Men, Falling Down (great film about an ordinary guy who goes crazy because of day to day life).

    Favourite movies anyone?

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  • Favourites:


    Kubus i Hefalumpy (eng. Pooh�s Heffalump Movie)

    Tygrys i przyjaciele (eng. The Tigger Movie)



    Mot�r (eng. ?)

    Labirynt Fauna (eng. Pan's Labyrinth)

    Sin City

    Some Kind of Monster

    The Godfather

    TV shows:

    Nowe przygody Kubusia Puchatka (eng. The new adventures of Winnie the Pooh, 1988-1991)

    All from Cartoon Network


    and i love Felix the Cat ^^

  • The Dark Knight was awesome How great was twoface....sad they killed him off at the end...or did they? We didn't see them take the body away so he'll probably regain conciousness and run off into the night!

    And Heath Ledger made an excellent Joker! Its just so sad he didn't get to see the final product.

  • Yeah, the Dark Knight was all kinds of bad-ass. Heath Ledger was friggin amazing in that. He made Jack Nicholson's Joker look like Cesar Romero's Joker (from the original Batman tv show).

    And dude, Falling Down is a masterpiece. That's some damn fine filmmaking. They did a really good job making you root for the guy the whole time, but then at the end they make you feel guilty about doing it. I also love how he gets a weapon upgrade like every five minutes Easily one of the best Michael Douglas films, and I don't generally like him all that much.

    I'd have to say that my favorite film of all time is probably Blue Velvet. It's definitely David Lynch's best work (aside from some parts of Twin Peaks, maybe). I also really like Apocalypse Now, but I've seen it so many times that I can hardly watch it any more. Same with The Godfather. The original Planet of the Apes is up there on the list too. I can pretty much recite all of those movies from beginning to end.

    As for good stuff I've seen lately:

    The Host: A Korean monster movie with REALLY GOOD special effects. Some of the acting is kinda stupid (mainly the American characters) and the America-bashing is very obvious in the movie, but I forgive them because the movie is pretty damn good aside from that, and the monster is pretty sweet looking.

    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow: Yeah, I know, it sounds kinda gay. But it's totally not. It's done in an old 1950's sci-fi comic book style, with boxy robots and ray guns, and it looks really slick.

    And if you liked Pan's Labyrinth then I suggest you see The Devil's Backbone. It's also done by Guillermo del Toro, and is kinda like "part one" to Pan's Labyrinth. It's about a boy living in the same time (during the Spanish Civil War) but instead of there being a fantasy world the kid escapes to, it's a ghost story. The effects are really cool, but it's definitely more low-key than Pan's Labyrinth, so don't expect it to be as grand in scale.

  • The Dark Knight is now the #1 movie of all time according to IMDB! I think it does deserve it though. Ledger plays the part so well it's impossible to tell apart the actor from the character - in most movies you can kind of get a small element of "yeah thats an actor underneath just pretending" - but I thought he was completely, all-consumingly convincing. Top performance.

    Apocalypse now is another classic, love the portrayal of the madness of war. Favourite scene is when they look for the commander by the bridge that's blown up every day, and they walk past a series of lights that looks like a circus. Everyone's already seen it though

  • I saw The Dark Knight on Friday. It was awesome, if not a bit too long, but I forgave that.

    I agree, The Joker wasn't like anything we've ever seen before, a psychopathic misanthropic but sympathetic unpredictable freak. You just never knew what he was gonna do, and he had a great balance between the comedic and psychotic, but most of that was psychotic.

    I've never actually seen a full film with Heath Ledger, but watching TDK shows how much a loss his death was.

    In fact, the whole cast was great. Christian Bale hasn't disappointed yet in any film, likewise Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman is kinda always the same, but has a charm that is endearing.

    The effects were seamless also, I don't think I noticed anything that looked out of place. Two-Face was such a brilliant CGI make-up effect, so disturbing, I thought they weren't gonna show it, they kept teasing, but then he turned round and his face was burned off completely, black skull with some muscles and charred skin and a fully exposed eyeball and jaw. Much better than Tommy Lee Jones half painted pink.

    Anyways, I thought it was a brilliant film. Could've lost half an hour but all in all it's definitely the best film representation of Batman so far.

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