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  • I just found out about this. Some guys have started making a fighting game based on Friendship is Magic. Thought some people here might find it interesting (that is if you didn't know already =P )

    First part, out of four, of a live stream of the game.


    Looks like they're using 2D Fighter Maker to make it.


    Yeah, I'm impressed with how on model is looks, so much so it looks like an official game. It's very impressive! Now if they had only chosen to make it in construct... though really, I don't blame them, as fighter maker is designed specifically for that sort of game.

  • The animations are freaking awesome, the HUD is not that good, but the animation O.O ... damn ..

  • Hahahaha wow that looks great :D

    Surprised that Lucid hasn't posted in here yet xD


  • Yeah, seriously. :D

    Where are you Lucid?? There are ponies in here!

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  • Sorry for the late arrival. Yes I've been waiting for fighting is magic, and I agree the animations are surprisingly good and authentic looking, capturing the personality of the show and such. Only thing that has me worried is they said they plan to have voices, and not just samples from the show (which wouldn't have worked well anyway)

    But id say the odds of them finding voice actors that don't screw this up are probably 1 in 10 trillion.   But they obviously have high standards for themselves, so who knows?

    Dont remember if its online. If so, I will destroy you all, btw.

  • I heard the voices already.

    They made a few tests and did cast fans that are as close as possible to the originals. In fact, it was hard for me to hear the differences, although another brony said that he was impressed but the differences would be clearly there^^

    However, after hearing the voices, I'm really looking forward to it.


    Meredith Sims - VA for Twilight Sparkle

    Karen Hayman - VA for Applejack

    Kira Buckland - VA for Mayor Mare - Announcer

    I'm sorry couldn't find any other source than the first, but they must exist, cause I heard them all.

    EDIT 2:

    Ok, found Karen on soundcloud^^

  • Cool. Twilight, I can definitely hear the difference, and would have noticed even if I didn't know. But its still good, definitely good enough for a fighter id say. Definitely above par for licensed game revoicing. Sorry thq, but if you look at(listen to)? any nickoledean cartoon licensed game, its usually so horrendous, i can't even tell if the game is any good because you're too busy cringing in disgust and embarassment anytime anyone says anything

  • [tube][/tube]

  • Yeah , nothing beats watching 2 ponies beat the seven shades of friendship out of each other.

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