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  • I'm trying to put together a music portfolio and I'm curious if you guys might help me trim the fat. I would really appreciate it if you kind (and not-so-kind) folks would have a listen to a few songs at random and tell me which ones don't cut it and why (you can tell me which ones you like, too, if ya want...).

    Yes, I'm asking all the cynical jerks out there to rip me apart (I can take it)! Please be as harsh as possible. No need to kid myself here.


    It's mostly intended for soundtrack type work (video games, movies, etc..), so keep that in mind.

    It's somewhat organized by genre, so maybe scroll down a bit or pick a few songs at random, so I don't just get reviews of the first few songs repeatedly.


  • well honestly there's too many tracks (23?) to give you an exact count of what to cut and what to keep.. it'd take way too long to through all that... which brings me to my point. Your portfolio should be short and to the point. Fill it with things you do well, genres and styles you enjoy and add contrast between your tracks. Also make sure tracks don't take too long to develop otherwise people will be skipping around, which isn't bad but you'd rather them be listening.

    It's good to have a sound cloud page of things you produced to let people peruse on their own. But if you are putting a portfolio together for a specific purpose it should be more tailored for the gig you want.

    All the tracks on the bottom of the list seem more "unplugged" and more like artist songs. Rather than underscore (supporting another medium like a game or acting scene).

    You probably only need 1 ambient track unless you were to make a mix going between them quickly. It's nice to show different textures for ambient pieces, so if that's your thing I'd tailor one for a portfolio..

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  • jobel Thanks so much! Excellent Feedback!

    I realize now that I didn't make this very clear in the OP (will edit), but I was hoping people would just review a song or two at random and I could use the collective feedback to narrow down the amount of tracks as you suggest.

    Yeah, those last few tracks kind of "don't count" in my mind. Just some kinda fun stuff I made once. They won't be making the portfolio.

    and that last piece of advice is extremely helpful. In my mind, my ambient tracks are probably my best work, so I have a hard time realizing to just cut it back to 1.

    Thanks again for the great feedback, much appreciated!

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