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  • ok let me start again, i dont speak (or write) really well inglish but i like this program, I Come from use MMF2 but, something in this program don't like to much and construct had it... but I don't no is this program is easy just like MMF 2 or is harder? y hope not... ok that all i had a proyect really good proyect when i now somethig about construct, then I start that one jajaja

  • Construct has a steep learning curve, but once you get used to it making simple games becomes a breeze. Larger games are only a little harder but very time-consuming with debugging and setting a direction for it. In short, construct is a lot better than MMF2 and I recommend it to anyone wanting to make 2D games.

    You will love it! :)

  • Construct has a steep learning curve

    Not really, learning from the Ghost Shooter tutorial will have you on the right track in no time.

  • yeah It's really easy to use (to me at least :)), and indeed is better than mmf specially when creating actions, construct has a cleaner look

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  • If you are already familiar with software like MMF, MMF2, TGF, etc... then Construct should be second nature for you already. The event system works in a very similar way (but better :D) and over-all Construct is FAR more powerful, and also performs a lot better.

    You shouldn't have any issues at all really, but if you do just ask the community!


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