Facebook game like"farmville" on construct?

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  • hello there

    I was wondering if a game can be created with construct like the farmville game at facebook.It doesn't have to have online functions just the raw game.Im just curious if this is possible with construct.

    [quote:18laq4wl]ask and ye shall recieve

  • Yes

    Pretty much any 2d game

  • cool , now to go learn how to use construct properly lol.

  • but isn't facebook php/flash etc games only?

    did they accept applications made in soft like construct?

    couse i read help on facebook and could not find any specific topic about that

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  • With construct you can make any 2d game. Yes, something like Farmville.

    However, Farmville is of a different platform. I think it's flash (never played it) In other words, it is a browser game. While Construct created games are executable which needs to be downloaded.

  • thats what i mean. I'm not sure if you can put construct game to be played via internet browser online. I think what you could do is to make something like downloader/installer to get all needed game files from server to users hdd and then run it.

  • Yeah of course it can be done. Although Farmville is isometric, so you'd need to sort objects accordingly.

    You would probably want to use the date object to keep track of the current time

  • if your question is "can i make a game that works on facebook" the answer is no, because those are flash based.

    if your question is "can i make a game like the ones i see on facebook" the answer is yes, any 2D game developed in flash could and can be remade in construct, farmville being no exception.

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