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  • Hi.

    I believe that it would be nice to share our tips and tricks for exporting games for mobile devices and have it here all in one place. I have always used CocoonJS and have no idea how the other exporters/wrappers are performing at the moment. So it would be nice to hear how other developers do it and what works best for you when you export for iOS and Android.

    So please share your workflow for iOS/Android and if you have any tips you would like to share, please do it here.

    I will update this first post with the most valuable tips so people are able to find it easely.

  • First, regardless of the exporter, always think first of the organisation and the readeability of your project, reorganise it if you cannot read or edit it easily, use the functions to group features (for exemple, do not use directly the action to show an ad, set it inside a function that you will call, so if one day you have to change how it is handled, you can do it in one quixk edit across all the project), performances should never be the first thing you think about, as a dissorganised code that performs well is impossible to optimize, while an organised code can always be modified in a flexible way.

    Flexibility is also an important thing, less edits you have to make, less mistakes you are prone to do, so work on one thing at the time, and polish it so it is easier to modify across the entire project.

    Test early test often, On the less powerful targetted device, with multiple exporters if you are not sure which one to chose.

    Finally do not do a complete code that is exporter specific, if you are using functionnalities for a specific exporter, they will be better when isolated behind functions, and all in the same event sheet, so in case of a change of wrapper, of plugin, or if you want to target other platforms at the end, you can change all of this in one quick go, that will work with not troubles normally.

    Also please, if you can, do not target every possible devices if you know your game cannot run on them, or just give a graphical menu option combined with a compatibility mide for the logic if you can influence that without breaking your game.

    Also, WebGL is a benediction on platform that supports Jit compilation of javascript, yes, iOS + cocoonJS or Ejecta, when they do not benefit of the jit compilation suffer with webGL due to the js overhead, but otherwise it just works as intended and is plain faster.

  • Officially we recommend Crosswalk for Android and PhoneGap for iOS 8+.

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  • Aphrodite Thank you for sharing Many useful tips there.

    I will try PhoneGap for the first time on my next project.

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