Where is everyone?

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  • Nothings been happening here in ages. No development notices or anything

    is anyone still here?

  • yeah, it's calmed down some on the forums but that's probably mostly due to midterms being around this time; it is for my university anyways

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  • Yes midterms are evil... after that we can create games xD

  • I've spent the past week or so playing Paper Mario

    And then Super Paper Mario

    RPGs bring out the obsessive in me. It's like I can't commit to any other task until I've completed. For that reason I try not to play them. I hardly touched the computer during that time.

    I still want to play Thousand Year Door though

  • if i didn't read your post, deadeye, i'd have thought you did something embarrassing in front of your girlfriend lol

  • if i didn't read your post, deadeye, i'd have thought you did something embarrassing in front of your girlfriend lol

    Hehe, we've been together for five years. We're way beyond embarrassing each other by now. Getting sucked into RPGs is just embarrassing in general. RPGs are like the uber-nerdy darkside of gaming for me. I just can't stand that whole RPG fanboy "I cried when Aeris died" stuff, so RPGs are a rather guilty pleasure.

    At least I don't play MMOs.

    Anyway, to anyone wondering: If you haven't played Super Paper Mario yet but were wanting to, just rent it. Seriously. You'll beat it in two days and there isn't anything to do after that except collect stuff that you don't need. And it's not so much an RPG as it is a platform game with TOO MUCH DIALOG and a crapload of truly useless items (I beat the game only having bought like five things from the store in Flipside. I don't even know what most of the items do, I never had any reason to use them.). The original Paper Mario for N64 was way better.

  • lol, super mario rpg ftw! ever play that?

  • Yeah sorry for lack of updates, was gonna have Python ready this weekend but ended up with a stomach bug! We should have 0.91 ready soon and then we're rolling again...

  • ah, didja eat expired food by accident or something?

  • I hope you bring it out soon, reading the chagelog and such is a routine for me, i like seeing how far you get with each release

  • Ergh, two days without eating anything... well, I'll try have it sorted today, I'm not going anywhere like this! I don't think it was anything I ate, just some kind of stomach bug... bleh.

  • I had it too a week or so ago, it is sooo nasty, i know what you are going through...but hey it's life and it likes to bite us all in the ass now and then

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