Ever wrote a novel ?

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  • Di you ever write a novel from scratch ?

    Yesterday I started typing a plot for a game I'm doing in Construct and it turned out to be over 10 pages... and I still have thousands of things to say to develop the idea !!!

    I think I'm gonna continue and maybe make a short story and !!! IF !!! someday I decide to publish it as a book, I'd like to know if there's something I should consider right now before getting into it seriously, like editing constraints, writing methodology, etc..


  • 10 pages? That's weak. One winter I wrote a 760-page draft that are never gonna see the light of day.

    Well, it is a start, though.

  • Just focus on quality, not quantity...

    There are great short stories out there that are 1 or 2 pages long, and also novels over 1500-1800 pages... maybe more.

    There is also toilet paper.

  • Well, try fitting an epic on 1-2 pages.

  • I would totally advice you this book : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Write-Blockbust ... 0340916915

    It is a very light introduction to writing, but it is very extensive when it comes to publishers, editors, agents and others actors of the book business. Writing a book is one thing, editing it and selling it is another!

  • [quote:2ms51txo]Well, try fitting an epic on 1-2 pages.

    Sms style?

    Anyway, i was just saying that great stories don't really need to be very long.

    Carmilla, for instance, is very short.

  • Mipey: Remember that I was not trying to write a story. The plan was to write a short introduction into the universe I will base my game on. I'm saying that I got an interest in writing a short story after I realized I had already 10 pages.

    sved: Thanks I'll take a look!

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  • short but sweet is pretty much always better, except in the rarest of cases.

    i always prefer short but interesting myself.

  • I haven't wrote a novel, but I do regulary write Silent Hill, Monster Hunter and Starcraft Fanfiction.

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