Is English not your native language?

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  • ... my native language is german.

    Like philx I also can understand almost everything written in english. For translations I use, and sometimes

  • My native language is Spanish.

    I think we can create a vote so more or less we can know from wich countries are atleast the people who write in the forums.

    and yes.. sometimes i use the google translate

  • My native language is Russian. I'm glad that I know English because on the Scirra forum people always reply to the questions, opposite to Russian, where developers are ofter school pupils which are not serious

  • English is my third language. I am bilingual, Swedish (text) and Swedish sign language.

  • My native language is french but i speak english well and understand it but if i come across a website like with a chinese language a pop up screen come up and ask me if i want to translate i had to do it like that cause i have a hard time finding the translate button.

  • Brazilian Portuguese here.

  • English is not my native language.

    Yes, i usually use google translate to understand if i find unusual words.

  • I'm Polish, but I'm living in uk for 8 years already, so I don't have much of a problem anymore. Although I sometimes get stuck with more complex sentences or i get blank for a moment. The biggest issue for me is grasping the English terminology used to explain how things work ( like plugins, math etc ) and i wish it would be explained in simpler fashion. Simultaneously, after all those years abroad I'm having slight problem communicating in Polish and sometimes I use English syntax or I'd be looking for a word that I know in English, but which doesn't have any equivalent in Polish! >.> Also, when I'm visiting my friends in PL, they all will have a laugh when I say a Polish word and accidentally I put on my pseudo-English accent while saying it, which sounds absolutely riddiculous coming from my mouth

  • same as above just using google to find some words , that i dont understand or want to see whats the oposit of it !:) the rest i can handle myself not as much in writing! since is second language and i had to learn it myself cause i dont like school! and can`t pay atention to what teachers say!:)) i have i think some disorder! but i`m a fast learner beside that! teached my self how to do things !

  • My native language is Arabic...

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  • My native language is Russian...

  • My native language is Hindi. I am Indian .

    I think my English language is fluent .

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