Is English not your native language?

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  • I'm from Brazil, whose native language are portuguese.

    I understand english very well, but have trouble to speak and write a more complex text.

    I use google to search words or expressions that i don't understand.

    And yes english is nowadays the "world native language", and this starts after the Second World War, USA becomes the more powerful nation on the world and everyone "suffer" from it's influences, it's the "American way of life".

    Here in Brazil, every job that is not a "poor job" says that is mandatory to know English.

    I don't have a problem with this, on the contrary, i think that's really important for the internet, with a "world native language" everyone can communicate with each other, it's good for the market and it's good to pass information, so it's good for everyone.

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  • I'm from Brazil too. I consider myself almost fluent in english. I just hesitate a little in the speaking since i don't have much practice. But i'm perfectly comfortable in reading and writing since i read a LOT. My favorites are the heavy fantasy tomes with more than a thousand pages like A Song of Ice and Fire series, LOTR and similar. And the writing i've learned by chating with other people in games, writing in forums :D etc. So my teacher is the Internet, pretty much. English is absolutely essential, even more for IT people. Basically i would be hopeless if i didn't know it. Apart from English i know a little of Japanese and learning French too.

  • Hi,

    My primary language is portuguese, to be more specific (brazilian-portuguese) it�s kind different if it comparable with "original" portuguese.

    Sometimes I get in trouble about some words, I thinks its pretty normal �cause my native language is not english.

    But I don�t consider myself fluent, however I can understand very good. English for me is not a wall, or a problem.

  • kiyoshi: Bonne chance, ce n'est pas facile. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    The same for japanese, but I don't know how to say/write it ^^

  • Eheheh Japanase i can't only read a little. Can't write much :D About French i'm just starting , know almost nothing :) But i understood what you've said :D Well it's more similar to Portuguese than English so it can't be that hard ^_^' Can it ? :)

  • There's the latin root that indeed make it so that you should find some ressemblances between french and portuguese.

    French has some tricky grammar rules though, that makes it quite tedious/hard, even for french people to write a correct french.

    Nevertheless you can learn it and get understood anyway so in the end I guess it's the more important.

  • My native language is Basque, Euskara in basque. But here I speak basque with some people and spanish with others. I life 5 minutes walking from the border with france so hear much french too, but I can not speak it. I usually try to post by myself and sometimes use Google translator, to help me and learn more. So english is my third language.

    more info here :)

  • Aritz: we don't live very far from each other. I live about 300 kms from the basque region.

    I went to San Sebastian to see iron maiden and rammstein play live concerts.

    Crazy intense audience <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Kyatric: I saw Rammstein too <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi, I'm Spanish. I can understand english, but my english fluency when writing/speaking is poor.

    I use to use Spanish when writing games, because I'm a teacher and I know that most teenagers here in Spain have a low level of english (even when they get more english classes than I got at their age).

    But I know everyone likes games in english, because it is the current international standard language. I would be disappointed if I found a nice game in russian or japonese, and I understand a japanese or russian would be also disappointed to find a game in Spanish.

    Having a localization/translation engine compatible with Construct 2 would be great! Until then, I'll have to make two versions of everything.

  • Native language : French.

    No problem to write or understand english (as far as I know ^^).

    Except perhaps with Kyatric about the use of rgb() colors <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink"> We should have written in French ^^

    I use a Chrome plug-in from the Word Reference website to translate words I need, directly in the browser address via the shortcut "enfr" or "fren", very useful and rapid ! ... rtcut.aspx

  • Finn, So my native is Finnish, but I have been messing with computers and electronics since old 8-bit (AppleII and C64) era, so I have done quite a lot reading. I'm sure my English ain't according the official specs, but I do hope it's clear enough.

    Techically I also know some Swedish, but that's so long gone/forgotten I would not expect much.

  • Also Finnish. Not so good at writing english, have to do a lot of spell checks. I always had issues with "invisible letters" in writing, which you don't have in finnish. Most of my english skills comes from games and we rarely have any translations so no wonder that in my early days of gaming the point and click games seemed to have no logic at all

  • Mine is "Dhivehi" a unique language. haha.

    I still understand English pretty well.I hate Google translate(There's no dhivehi translation available )

    I don't even need that because I have Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary 3 installed.Its not difficult to search for scary words.

  • my native language is swiss

    i understand almost everything written in english and if i struggle with a word at some point i will use to get it translated.

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