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  • Please does anyone out there no how to enable some object features in construct 2 , i just bought my license and i expected the cocoonjs object feature to be there and also the spriter(scml) feature but none was present except the features there presently in the free edition, so during the process of trying to solve the problem i updated to the latest c2 release(beta 224) but the features were not still present only the features that were found during the free edition that was still present i even checked the c2 folder i went to exporter-html5-plugin and i saw the cocoonjs folder and other object folder which were not present in the c2 software itself i've tried to find a solution but i haven't found any pls anyone who can help me please do,i really feel frustrated,i appreciate any help that will come from someone THANK YOU

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  • There was basically the same question yesterday.

    Here you find also some response to it

  • thank you very much it really worked for me and i have downloaded the cocoon plugins

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