eCPM's vs CPM's on Mopub question

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  • I'm currently using mopub to serve ads into my apps for both android and iOS. Both compiled using the cocoon compiler.

    My question is not so much 'how' to use mopub but 'what' values I should use when entering CPMs (for banners, full size pages, etc.)

    Mopub recommends a minimum CPM of .05 across the board, which I did. And I'm happy that it's earning something. But am I selling myself short?

    There's also this column next to the CPM input fields called eCPM's that contains a cost much higher than the minimum. Sometimes in the .40 cents to .55 cents. Heck, what's the difference between the two?

    I've tried to read up on CPM's and ECPM's and thought I understood it. But it seems the more I read into it, especially on ECPM's, the more confused I got. It's my understanding that ECPM's are average bid prices? Btw, I'm using the Marketplace section of Mopub.

    Right now, my CPM's were raised to .40 for full page ads and half of that for banners since the ECPMS were just higher than those numbers.

    I've a feeling my method is all wrong and I'm hoping someone familiar with this can chime in explain this in layman's terms.

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  • I realize this is an old post, but I have the same question.

    Can anyone explain how to decide the best numbers to put here?

    Any help at all will do! Thanks.

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