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  • Hello everyone,

    I'm hosting a new game jam: the DRY jam! #dryjam

    The DRY Jam is a competition in which you will not have to write a complete game, but only one of its mechanics.

    DRY stands for Don't Repeat Yourself.

    The perks of making the best mechanics is that you could even take it and use it inside any project you want. It's plug and play.

    This is the main principle of modularization, or in other words, not repeating yourself.

    The jam have started!

    The theme is



    Jam: 4th October - 11th October (one week)

    Voting: 11th October - 25th Novemeber (two weeks)


    There will be 3 winners :

    A winner choosen by the judges.

    The community winner : The winner of this category is choosen by people who votes here.

    The social winner : The winner of this category is the one that have the most retweets / likes on his submission.


    A translation plugin for Construct 2

    Water essential pack for Construct 2

    Moveroute Editor for Construct 2

    SeaMonsters - Isometric Template

    50$ worth plugins from TobyR

    Steam4C2 - basic edition?

    More infos on the itch.io page !


    You can join the official jam Discord server here.

    There is no official jam twitter account, but you can still use the hashtag #dryjam


    After the submission period is over, voting will begin. All participants can rate other entries in the following categories on a scale from 1 to 5 stars! Please leave feedback on each template you rate; it's more helpful than just a number!

    Here are the 4 topics that will be rated:

    The features: the overall impression about how well made is the mechanic

    The design: the presentation / art of the mechanic

    The code: is the code optimized, modularized, plug and play ?

    The contextualization: does the environnment have an impact on the mechanic ?


    This jam is a good way to create templates ready for the store

    Feel free to promote your template by sharing this page, the winners names will be shown here

    More infos on the itch.io page !

  • It's definietely one of the best topics of game jams I have seen so far. Modularity and the DRY code are crucial for every developer no matter the engine, language nor industry. New developers usually ignore it but once the project grows they get into many troubles without DRY modular code.

    So yeah this is a great opportunity to train to make modules (and win some prizes on the way) and to spread the awarness of the importance of DRY code.


  • A bit confused here. Can you give an example of what a DRY mechanic would be?

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  • basically the

    mechanic that we are looking for will be announced on the day that JAM starts.

    what you want to do is make that mechanic possible for someone to use in another project.

    for example you can make a menu that has placeholders for opening options / about / new game, that can be later used by anyone just by replacing it with his own gui for example

  • Cryptwalker Is there something still unclear ?

  • Ok i get it now. Interesting.

  • The jam start tomorrow at 10am, be sure to join the jam!


  • The jam have finnaly started

    It's time to announce the theme of this first DRY jam!

    No more waiting, the theme is :


    You can use physics or not, joints, or whatever you want.

    You only goal is to make the best realistic rope. Put it in different contexts, make it interact with the player, the limit is you imagination. The more you do with your rope, the more we'll be happy!

    Don't forget to make your code easily reusable, it's a main point of the notation.

    If someone you know still not joined the jam, it's not too late to join!

    I have to say, good luck and have fun!

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