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  • Ever since I got "serious" with this game design thing, I've had a constentely changing "Dream Game" the game I want, no NEED to make one day. I was wondering if anyone else would care to share their "Dream Game". Also, do you think you could make it at the moment or do you need more tech, money, manpower, etc.

  • Haha! I was just thinking about making a topic like this!

    My dream game is essentially more of a setting than a game--

    My plan is to create a sort of terrarium of robots (becuase robots are easy to draw and animate)-- where you have have larger and more aggressive robots eating smaller scavenger robots, which eat plant-like/sessle robots which survive off of their own sheer fecundity-- then there are tiny parasite robots living on larger robots-- and then other robots that symbiotically exist with those large ones eating the parasites.

    Once I have this sort of self sustaining circle-of-life happening, I will put them all in a procedurally generated area of sorts-- and then-- unleash the player character and... umm--- I don't know-- they'll just have to find something to do I guess...

    Nothing really seems to be holding me back, other than time and an idea for the game-play!

  • -A challenging fast-paced platformer in the vein of SMW filled with memorable and wacky boss fights a la Dynamite Headdy

    -a 'tower-climb' platformer with a lot of charm and old-school aesthetic with a goofy throwaway plot involving robots

    -a Metroidvania set on mars or something, where the hook is that your suit and gun are powered by solar power, so you need to find sun spots if you want to continue deeper into the depths of the planet.

    -a rhythm game that blares electronic disco that's kind of like a platformer once again filled with kooky bosses

  • To create my own dream game i would have to create my own software for that.None of the engine's/apps have what i want from my dream game

  • Nice dreams you guys! I was going to post my "Dream Game" when a few people posted here's mine.

    My dream game would be a 2d top-down shooter, 4-player CO-OP, 8-player competative, and VERY challenging but hopefully not a turn off. The modes would be

    > CAMPAIGN: (1-4 player CO-OP) (A.I allies substitute if human players aren't their)there would be 6 episodes with 3 chapers in each that had 2

    missions in each chapter, the story would be about how human beings survived on a planet

    that was infested with insect-like creatures, but they can't kill all the creatures because they

    make the balence of the planet so you will kill both humans and the insect-like creatures.

    > BOSS-RUSH: (4 players) every chapter has a boss so that would be 18 bosses.

    > ARMY OF TWO (2 player) a 2 player battle against endless waves of enemies

    > ONSLAUGHT (1 player) same thing as army of two but with one player

    > TIME-ATTACK (1 player): you have to complete certain objectives in a certain amount of


    > Compative Mulitplayer (2-8 players)

    - Juggernaught: (4-8 players) must find the battle armor of the long dead overlord

    " Juggernaught" anyone who wears it has the power of a whole army at his disposiale

    to score, you must kill oppenents as the Juggernaught.

    - Construct (8 players) on 2 teams of 4 must construct a weapon that will determine the

    outcome of the long war between I.F.C. and SECT-C. The object of the game mode is

    to get supplies from the field and come back to base and build on to the weapons,

    when a team completes construction gets to pilot the weapons and fight the other

    weapons if it to is deployed or deastroy the enemy base.

    -Strike-Force: (4, 6, or 8 players) one team are the strike-force, who must kill all the other team (the

    strikeforce have respawns, while the outlaws have none) if the strike force kill all

    the outlaws before time is up, they win.

    - Counter-Strike: (6-8 players) 2 teams must complete objectives that are random and

    coraspond with the other team's current objective. which ever team completes the

    most objectives win.

    > A.I. PLAYER BATTLE: (1-player) play the compeative modes with A.I. BOTS

    You will unlock things like modes, maps for modes, weapons, equipment, new skins and options by getting XP which you get by playing the game. Each of the single player or CO-OP modes have 4 difficulty levels

    > Begineer (player(s) have more health, do more dmg to enemies, but gain less XP)

    > Normal (player(s) have normal health and deal normal dmg, no XP modifers)

    > Expert (player(s) have less health and deal less dmg to enemies, +10% more XP

    > INSANE: DO NOT PLAY THIS (players can be killed in one hit, but can deal more dmg to

    enemies but even more so then easy, +20% more XP)

    The game will have acheivements and ALOT OF UNLOCKABLES. I'm a sucker for 'em. wallpaper, game music, titles for multiplayers, etc.

    That's my dream game in a nutshell...

  • I have mine dream game, even a few, in process of design. Unfortunetely now they starting creating games that are based on ideas that are the same as mine. Few years back when i started designing there wasn't any games like those designs. Shame , but that means i predict the future

  • A trilogy of games in the style of Flashback (or perhaps something like Shadow Complex) in which you play a detective in Victorian times who is investigating the disappearances of some people in a remote area. Halfway through the game you discover that it's a den of werewolves "recruiting" new members. There is a fight, and you get bitten. The rest of the game is spent not only trying to track down the pack leader, but also a cure. The last portion of the game is timed and if you turn before completing the game then you lose, game over. You eventually do find a cure.

    The "cure" is an herbal remedy that you have to take on a regular basis or else you will turn. The werewolf's curse is still active though, which grants long life (almost immortality, but not quite... you just age VERY slowly) and vitality, but also torment and loneliness and blah blah blah stereotypical character crap.

    The next game takes place in modern times, and the final game some time in the future (probably pretty close to Flashback-era flying car type future, actually). Both deal with yet more supernatural shenanigans, creepy creatures, magic, etc. I have the story line pretty much laid out in my head, and have for some time, but I have yet to seriously consider any details or plans to make such a thing because man... that's a lot of friggin work for one person.

    And yeah, I know, it's all very derivative but I like those themes so sue me.

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  • A massively multi player top down shooter. Please A proper command hierarchy would be amazing.

  • A massively multi player top down shooter. Please A proper command hierarchy would be amazing.

    Hah, that's like exactly my dream game! Only, in my dream it was 3d shooter.

    After some kills you get promotion, than you can give commands to other players in your squad(set waypoints). Than you can promote further and give commands to squad leaders. Top promotion would be a something like a general, no direct contact with an enemy, and top down view of a battlefield.

    Damn, now I'll have to dream something else

  • A Sniper game in which you move around an huge urban or jungle area. (not too huge, must be able to see from one side to another at all time).

    Art: I think of a realistic style with exaggerated proportions. Kind of universe like in the movie Rollerball where extreme sports now "allow".

    Gameplay: You actually play the sport. You must continuously activate switches (or something) at random places and other player try to kill you since the winner is the one with the most activation within the round time.

    Briefly, it would be a game of patience and strategy. Patience would be very important because you would have to move slowly not to make sound.

    For the leveling and skill system, the game would reward you automatically depending on how you react to events triggered by other players.

    That's pretty much it.

    (I think I'm pissed of being harassed for sniping in most shooter games )

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