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  • I've been noticing more and more platform games allow the player to double jump without a power-up. That or maybe it's just the games I've been playing. I'd like to poll the forum to see how many people expect to be able to double jump in a platform game.

    Yes or No. Feel free to express why you think one way or another.

  • I'm putting a double jump in my first game. I just think it offers more control, and it's fun. Bad air control can make or break a platformer. Although in some cases it might make it too easy, but my game is more combat focused anyway. After playing games like Castlevania: SOTN or Rouge Legacy, I find myself really liking double jumps.

  • I agree, and asume most people like double jumps, but I think reserving it as a power-up is fine too...if a game is fun, it's mater what design decisions you make, make sure it's fun...and always get other people's opinions, as we end up very biased about our own babies, and play them so many times we love how they control, and think things are intuitive that are not etc.


  • You raise a valid point, Brashmonkey. There is a third option, which I quite like:

    I expect double jumps in a platformer (as in, I enjoy a game more if it has), but I don't expect it to be given to me straight away. Giving it to me as an upgrade or unlockable/upgrade (don't confuse this with IAP) is also fine, and perhaps better.

  • Depends entirely on the game and its existing mechanics..

  • Double Jump is a good mechanic for providing advanced platforming.

    Increased gap/height distances may require more skill, makes the basic platforming easier as well.

    It all depends on what kind of platformer you want to make, and what kind of gameplay design you want. A lot of games don't have double jump because it makes their platforming too easy. Other games use doublejump as a crutch, and other other games makes platforming too hard because with doublejump, jumping puzzles will have more death/failure areas to provide difficulty.

    In the end it shouldn't hurt too much if you keep in mind what kind of difficulty/design you want. If it takes away from the game quality you can easily remove the double jump.

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  • Thank you for the responses. I was wondering because I was playing a police officer in an indie game the other day and I thought it was odd that I was allowed to double jump. I kinda feel there needs to be a reason for it, but I also expect games to have it.

  • I'll post capx when i got rep up.

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