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  • Alright, so I rented a cheap VPS to handle my webserver, databases etc etc.

    But I'm having a bit of sceptism towards some of the domain registration results from Google.

    Any of you have any prefererations/experiences to share?

    I'm looking for a place to register a .com domain if possible in the <20$ a year range

  • After over 20 years involved in IT and the internet, I've seen some pretty poor hosts and providers... The only one that's still around that I trust (from personal experience) and have been using them for years is Host Virtual.

    Also a very good VPS solution and they do actually have 24/7 support that is manned.

  • MyHosting is good with helpful support. Linux starts $15.95 a month also has VPS for under $20, but I've never used their VPS, only generic hosting. But the support is very good.

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  • If you're looking for just domain registration, I always use GoDaddy. I haven't had any problems with it over the past few years; seems to play well with other hosts. Also if you google "GoDaddy coupon" the first sponsored link should allow you to get a domain for $0.99

    Oh and a word of caution, if you ever purchase hosting and see that they offer a free domain name either read the fine print or make sure the domain you're registering is one you're willing to part with. If you ever abandon the hosting service they usually charge an annual fee or transfer fee that is much higher than dedicated domain resellers.

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